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Specialosio t1_jcgfyqb wrote

French are about to flex once again how to riot.


Alleandros t1_jch7bh1 wrote

How about they stop lowering the corporate tax rate and start raising the income tax rate for high earners?


psioniclizard t1_jch9ltv wrote

A lot of countries could benefit for that honestly, but it seems to be a move not many want to make.


Parafault t1_jchu2fe wrote

Correction: not many rich people want to make. I think the vast majority of us poors would cheer for joy if they did that!


tim3assassin t1_jcgj94z wrote

If he had just used his special power to build a fence at a southern boarder, then people would be creating a golden idol of him and actually bowing to it at conventions.


EverVig47 t1_jch143k wrote

What prevents the next President to enact bill to cancel his?


psioniclizard t1_jch99tn wrote

Nothing I'm sure. Thought I guess it's possible if they secretly thing raising the pension age is a good thing then they might let him take the heat but not change it.


Grace_Alcock t1_jchir2y wrote

Nothing really, but they’d be unlikely to do so given changing demographics and life expectancy. It’s not an irrational bill. If Macron is willing to take the hit to do, later presidents will just be grateful.


Mooide t1_jci7ylr wrote

Brave move in a country famous for protests and revolutions


autotldr t1_jcgfton wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 71%. (I'm a bot)

> French President Emmanuel Macron shunned parliament and opted to push through a highly unpopular bill that would raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 by triggering a special constitutional power on Thursday.

> The decision was made just a few minutes before the vote was scheduled, because the government had no guarantee that the bill would command a majority at the National Assembly, France's lower house of parliament.

> As lawmakers gathered in the National Assembly Thursday to vote on the bill, the leftist members of parliament broke into the Marseillaise, the French national anthem, preventing Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne from speaking and prompting the speaker to suspend the session.

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Diltyrr t1_jci2cyd wrote



Spodson t1_jchjlk9 wrote

Well France, let's see what you got. Beneath the streets, the beach!


kobold_komrade t1_jchvqca wrote

Its time for heads to roll again in France.


J4MES101 t1_jciq9ds wrote

Seems democratic?

At least they will take it in a nice peaceful way


HomoLiberus t1_jcjs11t wrote

French revolution here we go...again?


sexylegs0123456789 t1_jck2mv4 wrote

This bill needs to be passed. It can come with anger and he can even lose his seat in the next election but somebody has to do it. Pretending that it isn’t necessary does not make it unnecessary.


x_is_mad t1_jcgky6x wrote

Absolutely disgusting. What an authoritarian tankie. He should just move to CCPee and become Xis right hand man.


[deleted] t1_jcgrykq wrote



adamexcoffon t1_jcgx6kk wrote

What's the point of having an assembly of deputies elected by the people if when they don't want a law, you just pass it anyway ?

Economics are not only maths (or there would be only one right way to do things), but also political orientation and other solutions exist to this peculiar problem.


We3Dboy t1_jch3pcz wrote

What solutions can u mention? Lower the pensions? Raise tax? Cut spendings elsewhere? Almost any other option is not gonna be supported by people, im not for this legislature but sometimes shit has to be done no matter how unpopular it is, im not saying that this is the best way, but its better to do something about it than to do nothing and let the next politician make the hard choicee when the problem is only getting worse each year... Life expectancy is higher than it was when the old age requirements was made... I would prefer raising tax for the rich to fund the problem, but i dont think it would help longterm


adamexcoffon t1_jch6e12 wrote

The problem with pensions is a short/middle term problem. On the long term (2030 and after), the pension balance will be more (not absolutely) equilibrate because of baby-boomers population decaying. You could find money other ways for that kind of problem... Since it's not a systemic dysfunctionality but a contextual one linked to a demographic conjecture.

This is not the heroic act of a responsible president. This is one politician and his crew abusing the vices of a non-democratic system made for one long-dead man, to achieve a peculiar political agenda oriented towards one politico-economic ideology. And people are right to be mad.

But I will say also that I personally think this anger is not proportionate to the problem. It's a conjunction of decades of this behaviour from governments, of an impotence feeling, the retrograde politics, the sentiment to never be listened, to be handcuffed in elections, etc... All of this exploding to the face of these men and women. They pay for their own mistakes but also for others'.

Post scriptum : life expectancy is higher for well-being people. It doesn't raise amongst the poorest. I'm asking myself how the carpenter I've worked with last summer will go on to 62 already, with his back ruined.


PublicFurryAccount t1_jclkfoq wrote

People ignore this a lot.

The problem with pensions is very temporary, it’s all just a question of when Boomers start dying off. And it’s even more aggressively temporary because the generation after is much much smaller.


PublicFurryAccount t1_jcgzc5k wrote

It was done because he couldn’t get it past the legislature, not because of the economy.

Fact is, Macron has acted anti-democratically and it’s time for him to go.


Thoushaltdenycheese t1_jcliius wrote

What’s with French Presidents? It seems every 8ish years a president that was decent becomes an absolute garbage leader.


Cumupin420 t1_jcgpwgn wrote

I guess they aren't all spineless

Hey yo I'm American get it haha /s

*I am American.... Get it because we joke about France being a bunch of weaklings that need saving all the time like the last two world wars... Get it


The_McMiller t1_jcjo1qb wrote

First of all, this joke isn't funny anymore. And has never been funny, by the way. Secondly, explaining the joke makes it even worse.