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Batmobile123 t1_jdr9e6w wrote

Probably not the smartest way to lose weight.


RandomStuffGenerator t1_jds15dx wrote

But still a very effective one


-emanresUesoohC- t1_jdsiwsx wrote

I lost 50 pounds, and died!


nojokes4you t1_jdsw353 wrote

So a total of 357 lbs. good work buddy.


raynethackery t1_jdtppkk wrote

Stop looking at my scale.


boomb0lt t1_jdu5ujs wrote

Once you hit Err on your digital scales, your weight stops going up so you can eat anything you want...


Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jdrbb9j wrote

If people are stupid enough to shoot the most potent toxin known to humans into a highly vascular part of their body, this feels like natural selection at work.


iamacraftyhooker t1_jdrgnxw wrote

We're really giving people gastropariasis as a weightloss treatment? That seems like a bad idea


nellapoo t1_jdrsz6x wrote

I have gastroparesis and it's awful. It's not a good way to lose weight. I cannot believe people would willingly do this to themselves.


kingofpotatopeople92 t1_jds3pam wrote

Hint: A lot of people are desperately dumb for the easy way.


Thissmalltownismine t1_jdx112o wrote

>Hint: A lot of people are desperately dumb for the easy way.

A fool is easily parted with his money , image the number of people educated enough o understand all the possible outcomes of doing such a producer let alone what the intrqit details are , hint its less than %1 so if 99people do it , than 1 person says NO NO NO , o well here is a refund NEXT!


Kir-chan t1_jdsi7fc wrote

Hint: weight loss is incredibly hard to borderline impossible and many people are ready to do things that might kill or cripple them just to stop people from making fun of them, and none of this is an "easy way" anymore than any other treatment.


kingofpotatopeople92 t1_jdtck8u wrote

Weight loss is not incredibly hard to borderline impossible, but for a lot of people, the accompanied will power to stick with it, apparently is. Some of the problem is, most want immediate results (with weight loss there are none) and aren't willing to put the true time and effort over the long haul, which can be over the course of a lifetime.


ilikedmatrixiv t1_jdupsef wrote

Wait loss might be hard, but it's very simple. Most people just don't have the willpower or discipline to stick it trough.


rowdydionisian t1_jdsk3dr wrote

Lol weight loss is so simple anyone can do it. Literally eat less, eat better macros, and at least light activity (walking every other day at least 30 mins). There's more to it for people's individual needs of course, but weight loss is easy...doing it right so you don't ruin your health though, is another thing. I was borderline anorexic for awhile because I took it too far, if anything it was harder to gain back muscle/essential fat after going too low. Having a healthy weight is good and all, but don't ignore actual health while doing it like I have sometimes, though I never would have agreed to plastic surgery solutions like this. Some stomach procedures (lap band?) can actually be very effective for some people.

Angry people down voting because they are fat and lazy I love it


Ehldas t1_jdsuuxr wrote

Simple is not the same as easy.


Kir-chan t1_jdsl5qr wrote

Walking 30 minutes a day does not in fact make you lose weight. And neither does having good macros.


-businessskeleton- t1_jdspt5l wrote

But eating less does.

The walking is for general health and the macros are better quality food over lower quality foods... Again, for your over all health.


Kir-chan t1_jdsq7yy wrote

Eating less does yes, it's just that that is really damn hard to the point people cut out half their stomachs just so they can eat less.


-businessskeleton- t1_jdsxg2g wrote

It can be hard. I'm doing it now. Down 13kg and 10 to go... But I still enjoy food and I'm proud of my progress... The hard work pays off


billybib182763 t1_jdt81cm wrote

I’m very happy for you and I hope you keep it off. Truly. If it was easy, however, it wouldn’t be such a big issue. It is incredibly difficult to lose weight and keep it off. I speak from experience. I lost 60 lb, put it back on, and lost it again. I haven’t gained weight again now, but it is a constant struggle.

Losing weight is dead simple - cal. in < cal. out - but is damn hard!!


Pohara521 t1_jds9md7 wrote

Same. Effective? I guess. If you don't mind nausea, GERD, bloating, stomach always aching from food not digesting...


Kir-chan t1_jdsidbg wrote

I had gastric bypass, I can confidently say I preferred all of that and the surgery risks and the recovery period to the weight. A lot of people do.


Pohara521 t1_jdsm9vh wrote

I can understand weighing the risks of possible vagus nerve complications in a bypass procedure. Botulism, not so much


supercyberlurker t1_jdrlp8a wrote

> Injecting carefully measured doses of the neurotoxin into specific parts of the body can be a handy way for trained medical specialists to switch off targeted muscles responsible for pain or cosmetic problems.

See.. it's the psychology and the wording behind that paragraph.. that keeps me far away from botox.


Jantra t1_jds3ppj wrote

It is a life saving measure for some conditions. I have an unknown condition of the jaw muscles that has lead to suicidal levels of pain. Imagine living with a Charlie horse in your face 24/7, without end. Botox was the only thing that ever stopped the pain for me.


recursive_while_loop t1_je435lg wrote

Glad it helped! Did you ever get tested my a TMJD specialist? I had daily migraines until my jaw got fixed by a specialist


Jantra t1_je4w9ja wrote

I did! My joints are doing surprisingly well given how bad my condition is. I very rarely ever get migraines thankfully.

The muscles of my jaw were the start of it, but now it’s jaw, neck, shoulders, and creeping down my back. I am beginning to think that my stomach is also being affected as well. Everything slowly cramps up tighter and tighter and tighter and nothing we have tried really stops it other than THC/CBD combos, but I dislike taking higher doses because of how much it makes my head feel spinny and the lethargic feeling. Been through three of the top specialists at UPenn and Jefferson (all in Philly) and have yet to have a doctor fully figure out what’s going on. They thought it was a form of Dystonia for a long time but now they have classified it as unknown again.


recursive_while_loop t1_je7h6a6 wrote

Damn! Well glad the botox helped and that you figure it out. I had a thing that only got into the medical journal two years ago so that one took a bit of time to figure out too.


Ninotchk t1_jds3b2q wrote

Why? A local targeted treatement is awesome compared to a systemic drug with side effects.


PlantBasedBooger t1_jdsculd wrote

Botulinum Neurotoxin can be sold to dumb people. But it really should not.


iligal_odin t1_jdv849k wrote

Botulinum? As in Fungus? Hell no


PlantBasedBooger t1_jdvh9lq wrote

Botox is indeed the poison from the botulism disease...

And people inject this stuff to look "pretty". Crazy stuff!


Four_beastlings t1_jdvqvbj wrote

Maybe you should not be sticking a toxin that kills people everywhere unsupervised. Mind you, I know it has great results for stuff like TMJ but it shouldn't be something you can get on sale injected by any random person.


OneTrueDweet t1_jdujvrp wrote

When handled by trained medical professionals, yes. When it’s Sally three doors down who saw a few videos on the inter webs, I’ll pass.


momalloyd t1_jdrb79w wrote

That's good to hear, I thought there might have been a basilisk or Silver dragon loose or something.


klousGT t1_jdtj15a wrote

All that and the article doesn't mention if any of the patients lost weight.


Four_beastlings t1_jdvr37h wrote

Because if they did no doubt it would work as advertising and some idiot would go "so that's how I lose weight quick! Of course the bad stuff won't happen to me..."


Eeq20 t1_jduaphg wrote

TIL stomach Botox is a thing.


Darth_Cartsalot t1_jdsv8z7 wrote

The fact that someone would inject botox in their stomach area is peak invanity.