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rowdydionisian t1_jdsk3dr wrote

Lol weight loss is so simple anyone can do it. Literally eat less, eat better macros, and at least light activity (walking every other day at least 30 mins). There's more to it for people's individual needs of course, but weight loss is easy...doing it right so you don't ruin your health though, is another thing. I was borderline anorexic for awhile because I took it too far, if anything it was harder to gain back muscle/essential fat after going too low. Having a healthy weight is good and all, but don't ignore actual health while doing it like I have sometimes, though I never would have agreed to plastic surgery solutions like this. Some stomach procedures (lap band?) can actually be very effective for some people.

Angry people down voting because they are fat and lazy I love it


Ehldas t1_jdsuuxr wrote

Simple is not the same as easy.


Kir-chan t1_jdsl5qr wrote

Walking 30 minutes a day does not in fact make you lose weight. And neither does having good macros.


-businessskeleton- t1_jdspt5l wrote

But eating less does.

The walking is for general health and the macros are better quality food over lower quality foods... Again, for your over all health.


Kir-chan t1_jdsq7yy wrote

Eating less does yes, it's just that that is really damn hard to the point people cut out half their stomachs just so they can eat less.


-businessskeleton- t1_jdsxg2g wrote

It can be hard. I'm doing it now. Down 13kg and 10 to go... But I still enjoy food and I'm proud of my progress... The hard work pays off


billybib182763 t1_jdt81cm wrote

I’m very happy for you and I hope you keep it off. Truly. If it was easy, however, it wouldn’t be such a big issue. It is incredibly difficult to lose weight and keep it off. I speak from experience. I lost 60 lb, put it back on, and lost it again. I haven’t gained weight again now, but it is a constant struggle.

Losing weight is dead simple - cal. in < cal. out - but is damn hard!!