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Deranged40 t1_je6aqsa wrote

I didn't read any doom & gloom in the headline. Instead, I got excited about this. The more pertinent line from the article for my instant reaction is:

>At times, the solar wind can generate aurora at higher latitudes on Earth

I live just a little bit too far south to consistently see Aurora Borealis, but far enough north that I can in the event of extraordinary solar storms such as this one. This article tells me that I should keep my eyes in the sky if there aren't any clouds the next couple nights.


bobzwik t1_je6plpa wrote

Shouldn't it say "at lower latitudes on Earth"?


Boschala t1_je6vr8s wrote

Depends on from what pole you're starting, I imagine.


bobzwik t1_je6zfw3 wrote

But both poles are at 90 degrees, with the equator at 0. Lower latitudes should mean nearer to the equator, no matter the hemisphere. Or am I missing something obvious?


reddit455 t1_je692ds wrote

we watch closely for a reason.



R3 (Strong) HF Radio Blackout Event 29 March, 2023 UTC-Day
published: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 03:14 UTC
A R3 (Strong) HF radio blackout event occurred due to a X1.2 flare from Region 3256 on 28 March, 2023, at 10:33 pm EDT (29/0233 UTC).


Feynnehrun t1_je68j1m wrote

USUALLY harmless doesn't mean ALWAYS harmless. Not to say this particular event is dangerous, but relatively dangerous events resulting from CMEs is not uncommon and happen roughly every 100 years. They haven't been a huge problem before because the world wasn't reliant on technology. CMEs that are large enough can damage electronics and bring down electrical infrastructure. 100 years ago, that was a minor annoyance. Now....having one half of the earth losing its power infrastructure, satellite communications and electronics would be devastation on a massive scale.


Purple-Asparagus9677 t1_je6gbk7 wrote

For comparison you’re referring to something equivalent to a Carington level event which the best guesses would have been from a x(insert number from 30-60) class flare.


solreaper t1_je6fcgu wrote

My time underway in the Navy is the only time that space weather was part of my daily routine. Only had one disruption in two years of underway time and it was HF. We were still concerned because a lot of what we did depended on the satellites that can be affected. Since then I haven’t been real concerned lol


BeriasBFF t1_je74qrl wrote

WE’RE ALL GONNE DI…..oh, nevermind. Thanks


TXTCLA55 t1_je7br3s wrote

Assumed as much. I'd imagine if there was any real danger there would be more than one article on r/worldnews about it.


DankJankMTGAllStar90 t1_je7rmj9 wrote

Honestly the people on the bleeding edge of Sun science are a little concerned at how weak the magnetic field got from the last g4 storm...

Our field has been weaking over time and this means storms have intensified effects.


carnizzle t1_je6jjik wrote

Won't you come,.

and wash away the rain.


IceyBlackL3m0n t1_je6swuu wrote

Black hole sun


crookedmasterpiece t1_je6w4qj wrote

Won't you come


TheVolcanado t1_je7pv2j wrote

Came here for obligatory comment. Was not disappointed. 👍


iwillfcukyouup t1_je6eb02 wrote

That’s the sun’s asshole


Fox_Kurama t1_je7p265 wrote

"Apollo! Stop mooning Gaia! It is very unbecoming of you!"


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HallersHello t1_je68yp4 wrote

Just end it already


AniTaneen t1_je87mv9 wrote

Gamma ray burst would be better. The idea of starving because no electronics works and the grid is shot is not pleasant.


TattoedBacon t1_je67506 wrote

Giant hole in the Sun is not on my bingo card, can we give it a rest on the shit trying to kill us every damn month?! 😆


Deranged40 t1_je6azuk wrote

What? This isn't going to kill anyone.

This means that more people get to see Northern Lights! This is very good news to me.


Shakis87 t1_je92ozu wrote

I think a large enough CME could take down power grids. That could result in deaths.


Deranged40 t1_jea4vtn wrote

Ok, I'll have to get you to update me with the death toll by Monday, then.


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_je6crl8 wrote

In Australia every month would be a holiday, the spiders, fire-dropping eagles and nesting magpies usually trying to every day


vazooo1 t1_je6jbwn wrote

Northern lights this friday? Will the storm be more powerful than on the 23rd?


Obvious-Ad1367 t1_je70xs6 wrote

I dunno if there is an update, but I read yes, but not as strong.


timothybrooks7 t1_je88rip wrote

Alright so does that mean Thursday night/Friday morning or Friday night/ Saturday morning?

I missed it last week because of this misunderstanding


New_World_Native t1_je6a9xd wrote

So tired of the old clickbait and fear mongering. The Aurora's that many saw last week were a result of a larger solar storm.


Deranged40 t1_je6b3qz wrote

Why do you think this is fear mongering? That's not the feeling I got from the article or the title. As you seem to know, Solar Storms = Auroras. This is a post informing of more Auroras. This is good news that, to me, sounded like it was being reported as good news.


New_World_Native t1_je6cror wrote

Good on you. Nothing about giant hole and storm heading to earth has a negative connotation. If the goal was to inform the reader about upcoming Aurora's they would say so in the Headline. Headlines are carefully drafted to grab as many viewers/clicks as possible.


nomorepumpkins t1_je73n69 wrote

omfg. So I aurora chase as a hobby. I've actually got a bit of a following for my updates and pics. articles like this cause my phone to light up with everyone tagging me and messaging asking what time it will arrive, like to the minute, and other dumb questions. after last week's big show people went insane. it was nonstop pics of clouds asking if it was the aurora. One aurora 'influencer' quit after getting so much hate mail because the lights didn't produce that night. there were traffic jams on Georgian bay because 1000s of people came looking for the lights. cops had to be called. I kinda hoped the news would ignore this flare but alas I better go charge my phone before this gains traction.


autotldr t1_je67juf wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)

> A huge hole has appeared in the sun which is 20 times larger than Earth, it has been reported.

> It will result in 1.8-million-mile-per-hour solar winds being sent towards Earth on Friday.

> NASA said: "Coronal holes are magnetically open areas that are one source of high-speed solar wind. They appear dark when viewed in many wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light, such as seen here. At times, the solar wind can generate aurora at higher latitudes on Earth."

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: hole^#1 Earth^#2 sun^#3 coronal^#4 solar^#5


Spadrick t1_je76w6p wrote

It's getting a little superunknown in here...


chockedup t1_je787t4 wrote

The sun is scary while also being our primary life giver.


theflyingvs t1_je7rfom wrote

Its called a CME and it can disrupt electronics. Basically the sun shoots out about 5 of these bad boys a day and every decade we have a 1% chance of getting smacked.


sonic_stream t1_je8bz4c wrote

Solar Storm => Internet outage.


It was nice to meet you all guys.


kingcl- t1_je8hglj wrote

I've been watching too much Gemini Home Entertainment to not be fucked up by the image of that hole.


Ill-Ad3311 t1_je8oeto wrote

Ah well, nothing lasts forever.


BigBuy3674 t1_je9vvec wrote

Besides just being an interesting celestial thing, this is a non-story. They happen often and this one will probably not cause any issues.


kosieroj t1_je7q192 wrote

Global warming caused that. Trump's fault.