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TattoedBacon t1_je67506 wrote

Giant hole in the Sun is not on my bingo card, can we give it a rest on the shit trying to kill us every damn month?! 😆


Deranged40 t1_je6azuk wrote

What? This isn't going to kill anyone.

This means that more people get to see Northern Lights! This is very good news to me.


Shakis87 t1_je92ozu wrote

I think a large enough CME could take down power grids. That could result in deaths.


Deranged40 t1_jea4vtn wrote

Ok, I'll have to get you to update me with the death toll by Monday, then.


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_je6crl8 wrote

In Australia every month would be a holiday, the spiders, fire-dropping eagles and nesting magpies usually trying to every day