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Korean_Sandwich t1_jd1zvuf wrote

bring in Gundam


Lndrash t1_jd26g9k wrote

If anime is anything to go by, they will be sending immature teenagers and children as military support. Not sure how well that's gonna work out.


clauderbaugh t1_jd2gy2r wrote

We’re about to see Ukrainian armor rolling into battle with stickers of sexy cartoon anime women strategically placed over the gas fill caps.


Space_Communism2040 t1_jd48c6r wrote

Anime girls can also (wo)man tanks by themselves, unless said girls somehow ARE anthropomorphic avatars of warships.


CFCkyle t1_jd2fdbl wrote

Yeah but they always turn out to be prodigies who become the greatest pilots to ever live though


jonoave t1_jd2xe8u wrote

And old, senior pilots stepping aside to let these young hotshot pilots take on dangerous mission. Because these young kid pilots remind them of their younger selves , full of courage and idealism.

And as their youthful spirit and energy have touched them, they will sacrifice themselves for these young hotshots, telling them to never give up their dreams.


Osiris32 t1_jd3iaq9 wrote

Obviously depends on the animal. If they send the JDF from GATE...


Mellevalaconcha t1_jd3nirt wrote

Deploy the Gothic lolita demi godess


Fabulous-Maximus t1_jd448uy wrote

Fuck that show. First 3 episodes act like it's gonna be some political and military thriller and then WHOOPS, loli harem shit.


Mellevalaconcha t1_jd478ax wrote

It's the closest we have to anime military pron, then there's Nihonkoku shoukan, but the novel has slow ass translations and the manga is slower.

You gotta sell that shit to the sweaty weebs


TheCreepyFuckr t1_jd433ob wrote

> Not sure how well that’s gonna work out.

If it’s like Ender’s Game it’ll be fine. Haven’t you learned by now, kids can do everything better than adults.


mdaniel018 t1_jd3wxl1 wrote

They just need to steal Putin’s heart. Shouldn’t take longer than like 2 weeks


NotAnAce69 t1_jd517fp wrote

inb4 weirdly crucifix shaped explosions start going off all over the place