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Culverin t1_jeasseh wrote

So you're saying he should already have known the consequences better than all of us, and still did it anyways?

Does that make him brave or stupid?


Arretu t1_jeatex6 wrote

>Does that make him brave or stupid?

I think that's something that is almost inevitably in the eye of the beholder at the time, and at the whims of history later.


HeyImGilly t1_jeatxdz wrote

That’s a great way to put it.


Arretu t1_jeavhcj wrote

To elaborate, I personally see his actions as inherently brave. He must have had an understanding of the risks involved, and chose to do it anyway based on his beliefs.

If I were in his shoes, and not being as socially-minded as he clearly is, it would be a stupid decision to make. I honestly value mine and my wife's well being above the entire rest of humanity. Making the choice he did would be counter-productive to what I want, and therefore stupid. I am sure he weighed up his responsibilities and moral imperatives and came to the best decision he could, and I frankly don't have the balls to call someone like that stupid.

All that aside, bravery is not a trait that is in any way related to ethics or morality. A terrorist can be brave. The ability to overcome situational fear and act (which is generally what ends up being called bravery) is a useful trait, and can be used for good. That doesn't mean it is always used for good. Bravery can be selfish - if you overcome fear to do something for your benefit at the cost of others, that's still bravery.

In my eyes, this guy did not only make a brave choice. He made a positive moral choice, too. That earns a lot of respect, in my eyes, geopolitical consequences be damned.


ZombieLibrarian t1_jeaucz7 wrote

These two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

The type of person who becomes a good journalist places a high value on covering truth, even if it puts them in harm’s way.

A bunch of people are just here to criticize this person for taking a danger that I am quite sure they were already well aware of so that the world could learn more about what’s going on over there, but sure the rest of y’all just sit here and continue to confidently state the obvious while thinking you’re saying something insightful or clever. 🙄

And I’m not directing this at you, /u/Culverin


Culverin t1_jeaz0cd wrote

There are a lot of people jumping down the throat of WSJ without understanding that they didn't put him up to this.

This was his call.