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Purple-Quail3319 t1_jeen128 wrote

Remember when the UK was part of the largest free trade bloc in the world and then shit all over itself for some reason


Euclid_Interloper t1_jeeqo8n wrote

Good old post-imperial denial. Feels like alot of ex-empires have been having a mid-life crisis. Britain wrecks it's trade status, Russia picking fights, Turkey slipping into dictatorship, and then there's Serbia...

Yup, we're just another elderly country suffering from phantom empire syndrome.


UniquesNotUseful t1_jefaenu wrote

CPTPP with UK will have a GDP of $16.6tn Vs EU $16.3tn.

This will still only be the 3rd largest free trade agreement after RCEP and US-Mexico-Canada (Old NAFTA).


wabblebee t1_jefr6v5 wrote

2022 EU GDP was 16.6tn. The UK already has free trade agreements with 7 of the 11 countries in CPTPP and the total trading area only makes up ~<8% of the UK's total trade, so it is doubtful that this can replace the economic damage the divorce from the EU has done. Escpecially if one considers that many of the damages came from worker shortages and supply problems that a pacific trading zone can hardly solve. IF china joins that would, of course, pave the way for massive profits, but also put the whole trading partnership into their hands with them making up half of the total gdp.