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trekie88 t1_je0342i wrote

Doesn't Russia have better things to do than saber rattle with Japan.


Arula777 t1_je15qxc wrote

Just saying, the last time the Russian Navy decided to tangle with Japan it didn't go too well for Russia.


Briggie t1_je411sd wrote

You’re talking about that time they sent a fleet halfway across the world, fraught with shenanigans including almost starting a war with Britain, only for the fleet to be promptly sunk once they got to Japan? Right?


Canadian_Donairs t1_je3d5fi wrote

Russia stole some islands from Japan north of the mainland after WW2 and their ownership of them was never ratified by post war treaties. Russia offered some of the smaller ones back in exchange for Japan to acknowledge the larger ones belonged to them but Japan turned them down and maintains that they're rightfully Japanese.

With Japan building up the (formerly?) JDF and Russia very much with their hands full and their pockets empty it could be that Russia wants to demonstrate a show of force in the area to deter any attempts for Japan to take back their land.

....not that Russia could even hope to begin to support a fight off their eastern coast...but y'know...Russia and optics and shit.

Sure would be entertaining to watch them try though.