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Spiritual-Cell-8375 t1_je3iq8m wrote

How muck cake does it take to feed all those cops?


supercyberlurker t1_je4554s wrote

13,000 police. Say allocated for two weeks, 14 days. The average police officer will need probably a cake per day on average, based on my inventing that fact out of thin air.

So 182,000 cakes.


platypuspup t1_je3um2c wrote

Don't police want to retire too? Why are they working for the wrong side?


aimgorge t1_je3wf5u wrote

They aren't affected


Now_Wait-4-Last_Year t1_je3yrog wrote

Funny how that seems to be a common theme the world over.


gigaultramega t1_je4m0ug wrote

Those unaffected:

  1. The police, able to exerts the states will.
  2. truck drivers, able to grind the state to a halt.

DigitalTraveler42 t1_je3g8r7 wrote

France about to do what France does, keep that pension age down French fam!


JustMrNic3 t1_je4hbdv wrote

For what?

To protect the corrupt government wanting the money only for themselves?

This is what dictatorships do!


inklingwinkling t1_je4kgu9 wrote

Countering protests.....why?

Because it threatens the power of the working class, that's why.


Automatic-Ad3612 t1_je5iseo wrote

They could keep the retirement agar at 62 and pay people there pensions properly..OR send in a million police and the cost of that will force the retirement age be raised


autotldr t1_je3ctm3 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot)

> Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in strikes and protests Tuesday in the tenth day of action since January against reforms of the country's pension system.

> The Interior Ministry said it expected disorder at Tuesday's protests and had deployed 13,000 police - 5,500 of them in Paris - to counter it.

> The change is opposed by trade unions and the majority of people but Macron, who has made reform of the country's generous pension system the cornerstone of his presidency, says the country cannot afford the ballooning deficits it will run up over the next 25 years as the country's population ages.

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Muted-Brick-8066 t1_je4lv11 wrote

I wish the USA would do this., this is incredible and great example all around the world


PrincipalFiggins t1_je5sjy0 wrote

Yeah but most French people can get to Paris in like an hour for a couple of euros on great public transit. America is too poor and fragmented to organize like that. I hope I’m wrong someday.


SaintJeremy96 t1_je5lnlj wrote


Or it doesnt work on west countries?


simfray t1_je4qonn wrote

Will the cops be donning rollerblades?


litlewombat t1_je4fmd8 wrote

I'm for the reform, France's social security budget is starched to its Breaking point.

But France is a democracy, and if the people don't want this reform than is shouldn't be past.


Hamlenain t1_je4hdfw wrote

Funding for the reform requires the same amount of money that a tax on the rich removed by the current gouvernment previously generated.


litlewombat t1_je4u2au wrote

I agree that those tax cuts were unessasary. But those tax cuts were temporary for 2021-2023.

Moving forward France needs a way to make sure that senior's get enough money from their pension to live a good life.

And with the amount of seniors increaseing every year and the amount of working people decreasing, there needs to be measures to make sure their is enough money in the founds.


Hamlenain t1_je4wkgr wrote

There are 40 to 120 billion euros to be found in tax evasion in incomes superior to 28k euros per annum per head. The funding for recuperation of that fraud is inferior to that invested in health insurance fraud, which represents only a 200 million euro possible recuperation.

Even a 1% success rate would on former would represent twice as much gouvernment income as a 100% success rate on the later, which is receiving more funding. A 10% success rate would solve the problem for half the anticipated deficit...

This seems like a very obviously sound financial investment, which has been proposed as an alternative by every major french labour union, yet disregarded completely as no discussion or negociation has been allowed by the, arguably bad faith, use of political tools currently available to the gouvernment.


[deleted] t1_je3y4cb wrote



Duffelson t1_je4285h wrote

This is such a Reddit take, I dont even know how to answer to it.


MakeAionGreatAgain t1_je4ae7z wrote

He's a r/conspiracy schizoposter


simonp101 t1_je4i0bv wrote



MakeAionGreatAgain t1_je5lffp wrote

You're unhinged my dear, you should seek professional help.


simonp101 t1_je6rcfl wrote

It's like I'm going to take advice from you. Lmao

And I'm not your dear. lol


Lugonn t1_je43c0c wrote

Ah you caught them, yes those are illuminati troops. Sharp eye on you.


danielro1 t1_je4dkw3 wrote

Time to make fun? France is burning. Every street in Paris is on fire. Police are extremely brutal, they killed 2 people today. The point of no return.


[deleted] t1_je3xm2h wrote



StarOceanPrincess t1_je4fblx wrote

Considering that 8 out of 10 French people are pissed off at Macron right now I’d say yes.


Hamlenain t1_je4h6lo wrote

The rioters (1200), probably not. The protesters (1 200 000 to 3 300 000) supported by 94% of the current workforce according to polls running since late 2022, probably yes.