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eaglemaxie t1_je93l0c wrote

'Human wave' cannon fodder for Putin ...president since 1999, is why Russia desperately needs enforceable term limits


MisanthropicZombie t1_je9c0vp wrote

Putin reset the term limits a few years back and extended the terms a while before that, allowing him to control the country until 2036.

He is still in power because nobody else has the power to say otherwise.


Ulpian02 t1_jee51v7 wrote

It’s why the quotation marks are more relevant than the word democracy when talking about the RF


Lurnmoshkaz t1_je9tvha wrote

There's no democratic process in Russia regardless of the superficial laws you impose. Term limits are pointless when the country is held hostage by the FSB and their cronies.


littlebubulle t1_jeae69b wrote

If the Russian politicians actually wanted term limits and were able to enforce it, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now.