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Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jdswpit wrote

You know what it's called when you borrow someone's child without their permission?


Promising to return the children you stole "when it's safe" sounds a lot like a threat to never return them. "Stop fighting our invasion and you might see your children again" is probably the real message.

Sick bastards


sync-centre t1_jdt5jhd wrote

Kidnapping is an understatement. This is genocide.


GlocalBridge t1_jdvv5xi wrote

Genocide is killing people for their ethnicity in an effort to wipe all of them out. What Russia and China are doing (to Ukrainians and Uyghurs) is more like colonization with a heavy handed attempt at destroying any independent national identity (especially native language) over one generation, by force yes, but trying to avoid an outright Holocaust because they want these people as loyal workers. What their victims need is more understanding and indeed more advocates and protests from the Russian and Han Chinese populations.


Copeshit t1_jdszsvz wrote

> Kidnapping.

I think that what Russia is doing to Ukrainian children is on a much bigger scale than simple kidnapping.


darkest_hour1428 t1_jdvmjvn wrote

Even going as far as to exclude all children older than 8 years of age, the Nazi’s planned on Germanizing any polish children with “Aryan-like” racial qualities, assuming them to be descendants of “pure” German settlers in Poland.

This is fucking disgusting.


Origonn t1_jduqrc2 wrote

>"Stop fighting our invasion and you might see your children again"

As if Ruzzia would ever return them.


kaisadilla_ t1_jdut11q wrote

> Promising to return the children you stole "when it's safe" sounds a lot like a threat to never return them

And they talk as if the reason Ukraine isn't safe has nothing to do with them.


DangerousLocal5864 t1_jdv1tal wrote

You know what its called when you borrow a whole lot of different countries children during war



Smitty8054 t1_jduopxv wrote

Ask the parents if they’d risk a dangerous path vs staying with you fucks.


Cr33py07dGuy t1_jdz4b0e wrote

Genocide (since this promise could be, and probably is, empty) and kidnapping and holding for ransom (end your resistance to get your kids back).


Rezlan t1_jdt1l40 wrote

The plan is brainwashing them, teaching them to speak Russian in Russian families, then install them in Ukraine and in twenty years declare that you have to protect the "Russian Speaking Community" there-


Beautiful_Fee1655 t1_jdtwmih wrote

When the kids turn 16, they will be mobilized to fight against their relatives in Ukraine.


Oatcake47 t1_jduqf9f wrote

What a sick thought…


SkorpD94 t1_jdus4u2 wrote

The worst in this, is that they may never recognize their relatives, being kidnapped and brainwashed at such a young age


BeltfedOne t1_jdswc5l wrote

Stop the invasion and it will be safe. This isn't rocket surgery. Stop stealing Ukrainian children, you monstrous fucks.


Aggravating-Rich4334 t1_jdtiwb5 wrote

They made it unsafe. They stole the children. They are the problem yet they blame everyone else. Russia will pay.


localghost t1_jdupvur wrote

No-no, you're missing the point. It's not safe not because of the invasion. It's not safe because of Nazis in the Ukraine and because of 'homosexual propaganda' of the West and telling children they can change their gender. (Don't ask how that goes together.) Even if Russia pulls out the troops immediately, they will not return the children.


Oatcake47 t1_jduqkk2 wrote

Westerners are able to change their government AND gender!?!? Whats next everyone has toilets in their houses? hahaha.


openly_gray t1_jdsxvg9 wrote

Thats kind of difficult to do when you murdered their parents. Sick fucks


green_flash OP t1_jdt1qbp wrote

Well, if they wanted to, they could still return them to Ukrainian orphanages.

That's not something that should be stopping them from returning the children. There is zero reason why these Ukrainian children should be in Russia rather than in Ukraine, the only possible exception being if their closest relatives are in Russia.


jfy t1_jdusp3t wrote

If they are from territory annexed by Russians, then technically Russia would consider them Russian. Returning them to Ukraine contradicts that position unfortunately


[deleted] t1_jdsxj4o wrote



green_flash OP t1_jdt0p5j wrote

That would be easy to do, considering he is Russia's permanent representative to the UN and as such attending every meeting of the UN Security Council in New York City, in person. Alas, I don't think it's going to happen.


MusesLegend t1_jdswyvv wrote

Obviously if the Russians said it it must be true...... (Also, they have no plans to invade Ukraine..don't you know)


CsrfingSafari t1_jdsx0qv wrote

Rolled my eyes so hard I don't think they'll ever return to the center.


MoreOfAnOvalJerk t1_jdtugnh wrote

In other words, a clear admission of abducting children from their parents.


asupremebeing t1_jduydvc wrote

Did Putin get this tactic from Trump, or did Trump get the tactic from Putin?


ProfessionalAct4 t1_jdtdaqr wrote

Russia could just pack it up and go home, that's literally all it takes to make Ukraine safe


Jorgen_Pakieto t1_jdsystj wrote

In other words, after Russia has either stopped or completed their invasion.


rain168 t1_jdt9tkt wrote

Using children as hostages… ah now I see where Trump got his playbook from.


Sabwufa t1_jdtuc4e wrote

Thanks for the update on the children you kidnapped


Lauren114 t1_jdu4oya wrote

War crime confession…


macross1984 t1_jdt4ryi wrote

Bullshit statement. Children "evacuated?" No one outside of Russia will believe in that kind of crap.


alterom t1_jdtmtug wrote

Noone inside Russia believes this crap either.

They take pride in rubbing the lie in your face.


beetrootdip t1_jdtsj3t wrote

Hear me out.

Maybe stop invading ukraine and withdraw back to your own borders. Then it will be safe to return the children.


5kyl3r t1_jdujvvq wrote

i speak russian, i'll translate:


>i'm a scared coward pussy bitch fascist terrorist, and i see that it's likely that we're going to ultimately lose this war, and if we do, i'll probably be tried in ICC and might go to prison for the rest of my life. i'm trying to walk back some things i've said that might incriminate me. please spare me.


Swede_in_USA t1_jdthlaf wrote

please dont let that man near any kids, like ever!


-SPOF t1_jdtqw3q wrote

Get out of Ukraine and it will be much safer then russia.


DeltaSR5 t1_jdtf9z0 wrote

Russian diplomat say after we brain wash and toucher your kids they may be able to return to the meat grinder to kill you. .


UrsusMajor53 t1_jdtqeay wrote

Even for a hardened diplomat, this mental slug, understands that using children as a Trump card is the very epitome of despicable. Aside from pulling children away from families, I stop from reporting what happens after abduction. Just to save the parents whom I hope don’t understand English. So sad ex president Donald, don’t you agree?


j1ggy t1_jdtsp8n wrote

Right. Just like Russia is not planning to invade Ukraine.


danielbot t1_jdtt24p wrote

Remember the rule: Russia always lies.


lokie65 t1_jdtybh2 wrote

Those lying rat bastards know there isn't a chance in hell those kids will be repatriated. He deserves an ending befitting his crime.


beavis617 t1_jdusrin wrote

If it was unsafe it was because the Russians made it that way...😠


badautomaticusername t1_jdv6yvy wrote

Russia used instability in E Ukraine to justify invasion. Russia caused much if that instability. Here they're arguing instability is the issue again.


T4lsin t1_jdtgipp wrote

The Children are already in China.


cosmernaut420 t1_jdu03jc wrote

"Simply surrender and we will return the children, yes? Is not safe to return our kidnap vict-I mean, children, when we continue to bomb your country."


10onthespectrum t1_jdu8h8q wrote

We need to just give Ukraine a few moabs and jdams.


quiero-una-cerveca t1_jdu8kux wrote

So they admit they stole the children. That should make it easier to prosecute these shitbags later.


MrmmphMrmmph t1_jdu96tm wrote

I’m sure some children are being hidden in that giant dome of his.


justLetMeBeForAWhile t1_jdu9u8s wrote

The Russians will need child slave labor to reconstruct. Did I read that wrong?


Brimish t1_jdur3cd wrote

You misspelled “Evil Bastard”


carpcrucible t1_jdurez2 wrote

Motherfucker who's the one making it dangerous


Jerome-Baldino t1_jdurh3a wrote

This war, however it ends, will create a generation of people who will want to hurt russian citizens to get even.


Superb-Possibility-9 t1_jdusaz3 wrote

You kidnapped Ukrainian children and resettled them with families in Russia !

You are monsters!


ukrzxv t1_jduvn37 wrote

At least he stopped lying about they didn't kidnap them.


czechhype t1_jduy4l3 wrote

They need to fucking provide some evidence of what happened to these children. What does their life look like in Russia!?

Seriously, fuck Putin for taking these kids and fuck VZ for not demanding more information about where the missing Ukrainian children are. I’m going against the grain here on Reddit by questioning Zelensky - but WTF - he hasn’t shown much concern about these kids scooped up by the other Vlad.


robreddity t1_jduz5v6 wrote

Never going to see those kids again


SlowDekker t1_jdv18is wrote

But why is it so unsafe in Ukraine?


froghorse3345 t1_jdv1rco wrote

If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it.


Boddup t1_jdve3pu wrote

He has a point Russia is not under heavy rocket strikes but then again its Russia you kno, the next thing they'll say kids don't wanna go back some ish and yea again its Russia you know.


Beneficial_Studio364 t1_jdw9z9n wrote

The stolen children have already been re-programed and now will be loyal workers Building bombs and munitions to kill their own families


ajaxfetish t1_jdxerpr wrote

Hmm, I wonder how it came to be unsafe now, and who could make it safe if they wished?


autotldr t1_jdswpif wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 62%. (I'm a bot)

> Speaking at a press conference this Monday, March 20, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN, stated that Russia intends to return all of the children evacuated from the conflict zone to Ukraine when safe conditions are created there.

> The alleged movement of Ukrainian children from the conflict zones led to the International Criminal Court issuing an arrest warrant last Friday 17.

> He also pointed out that Russia was one of the nations that did not recognise the authority of the ICC. "We consider the very posing of the question outrageous and unacceptable, Russia, like a number of states, does not recognise the jurisdiction of this court and, accordingly, any decisions of this kind are null and void for the Russian Federation from the point of view of law", stated the Kremlin spokesman.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Russia^#1 Court^#2 stated^#3 decision^#4 children^#5


Dazzling-Ad4701 t1_jdt3192 wrote

their 'lack of recognition' is another meaningless russian canard. from the ICC's own website:


The Court may exercise jurisdiction in a situation where genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes were committed on or after 1 July 2002 and:

the crimes were committed by a State Party national, or in the territory of a State Party, or in a State that has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court; or

the crimes were referred to the ICC Prosecutor by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) pursuant to a resolution adopted under chapter VII of the UN charter.

As of 17 July 2018, a situation in which an act of aggression would appear to have occurred could be referred to the Court by the Security Council, acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, irrespective as to whether it involves States Parties or non-States Parties.

In the absence of a UNSC referral of an act of aggression, the Prosecutor may initiate an investigation on her own initiative or upon request from a State Party. The Prosecutor shall first ascertain whether the Security Council has made a determination of an act of aggression committed by the State concerned. Where no such determination has been made within six months after the date of notification to the UNSC by the Prosecutor of the situation, the Prosecutor may nonetheless proceed with the investigation, provided that the Pre-Trial Division has authorized the commencement of the investigation.

that's three separate ways the investigation and therefore the warrant are completely legitimate:

  1. ukraine accepted jurisdiction in or soon after 2014.
  2. MULTIPLE other state parties have made requests for investigation. i'm talking more than three dozen.
  3. the prosecutor can just nike it anyway, if they see fit.

Living-Walrus-2215 t1_jdv02u1 wrote

It seems you're conveniently ignoring the concept of state sovereignty.


Dazzling-Ad4701 t1_jdvdrad wrote

not sure of your point?


Living-Walrus-2215 t1_jdvtfzx wrote

my point is "A court saying they have jurisdiction over something doesn't give them jurisdiction over something", and "A sovereign nation is sovereign".


Dazzling-Ad4701 t1_jdw4c6z wrote

the last one lost me.

the first one: I guess you're right, in the sense that that's mostly what "rule of law" means. it means that a community of nations, in this instance, kind of have to agree these are the principles we will be governed/ will govern ourselves/each other by.

in this context a community of nations did agree, by signing the Rome treaty. Russia may not have signed, but they're able to read so they're well aware that the treaty exists and what its terms are.

So thats the jeopardy they took on by invading Ukraine and committing these actions there. Big shrug. Guess it hasn't been working out for them.


Living-Walrus-2215 t1_jdw5v9a wrote



>Supremacy of authority or rule as exercised by a sovereign or sovereign state.

>Royal rank, authority, or power.

>Complete independence and self-government.

What this means is that Russia (and any other sovereign nation) has full power in relation to itself. The ICC has no more power or rights over it than some random farmer in Rwanda who never even heard of Russia.

The ICC (and any other court) has no jurisdiction over Russia (or any other country) other than whichever jurisdiction those countries allow it, to the extent they are allowing, and for as long as they are allowing.

It doesn't matter if Ukraine (or every single other person in the world that has ever existed or ever will exist) agrees that the ICC has jurisdiction because Russia does not, and when it comes to sovereign nations that is all it matters.


Dazzling-Ad4701 t1_jdwr8a9 wrote

yeah, that's what I figured you meant . it's actually you "conveniently ignoring" the factor of sovereignty since accepting it doesn't suit Russia's wants in this situation. and we all know what Russia is saying. "we're gonna do whatever we want, so fuck you."

well, they can try that and see how it flies. if you take this trajectory all the way to its hypothetical conclusion: someone arrests Putin's spindly little ass, along with whoever else; Russia declares war on the entire world because they're so special and precious etc; Armageddon.

in theory. in practice I don't think anyone can predict what will come of all this. Russia is acting like a shower of assholes, a significant part of the rest of the world is clearly determined to stand against it.