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Old_Cheesecake_5481 t1_jdb41m0 wrote

Foreign agent.

Canada better wake the fuck up as it comes to these despotic countries like China, Russia and India.


ReneLevesque t1_jdeldew wrote

Its becoming normal over here to rely on US intel and capabilities to deal with domestic threats. Apparently our secret services and army can't spot balloons or terrosists and moles get elected.


readerOP t1_jdbnbs8 wrote


Boy the Indian agents sure do a terrible job of influencing after seeing all the khalistani terrorists walking freely in canada claiming to create a sikh theocracy in India.


jjjhkvan t1_jdbs4qg wrote

Yeah it’s funny how Canadians believe in individual freedoms and self determination


[deleted] t1_jdbxg0a wrote



jjjhkvan t1_jdbxima wrote

Canada is one of the most democratic countries in the world. I’m proud to be Canadian


Pee_Wee_Mer_Man t1_jdb4pak wrote

He shouldn't be allowed to be an MP at all


EternalPinkMist OP t1_jdb6epa wrote

What a time we live in, a country of firsts.

Edit: responded to wrong comment


MadDjinn t1_jdbakmj wrote

That can only come later if the House decides to remove him and vacate the seat.

And it’s unlikely to happen as there is nothing legally being done against him at the moment. Overriding the election of an MP is one of those things that can bite you if you’re doing it on allegations.


Frilmtograbator t1_jdbcxqd wrote

I mean, as a democratic country, we have a thing called due process. Let's have a full investigation and make sure these anonymous sources are telling the truth, and throw the book at whoever is actually found to be guilty.


captsmokeywork t1_jdb9tst wrote

If it turns out he told a Chinese govt official to delay the release of the two Michaels, he should be tarred and feathered and then thrown out of parliament.


Full_Echo_3123 t1_jdb9hlx wrote

Han Dong caught with his hand on his dong.


Aedelweard t1_jdblgwu wrote

You should hear what the Chinese say about Biden, they call him Lao Bi Deng, which is a slur means old pervs, or old crooks who would be doing the society a greater favor when they are dead.


PaddleMonkey t1_jdb8a74 wrote

If national security agents have actual recordings of Dong saying these things to the Chinese, then please I would love to hear it. Release it to the public. Show just how deep the CCP is influencing Canadian elections.


Minute-External3986 t1_jdbgro0 wrote

Enters NSA


readerOP t1_jdbyccu wrote

wait... you want to show how deep country A is up your ass by listening to spy recordings of yours by country B?! wut?


Minute-External3986 t1_jdbz5kd wrote

Pretty sure US intelligence was aware of it or said something about a joint investigation a few weeks ago and well NSA does mass surveillance on everyone better show the hard evidence than circumstantial evidence. It’s not like it’s a secret about the NSA surveillance anymore since Snowden.


readerOP t1_jdc6dal wrote

wouldn't that be so hypocritical, that it's okay for usa to break any rule or law but not for others?


Minute-External3986 t1_jdc6rbl wrote

US and Canada share intelligence all the time, while China is directly trying to influence policies that are endangering Canadian civilians…


THe_Sc4aremaster t1_jdbm1bb wrote

He's trying to han dong in there as long as possible.