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BurnTrees- t1_jdw3eil wrote

People fleeing a civil war are refugees. People normally moving there are migrants, this is about migrants.


wheelontour t1_jdw4o6l wrote

What about migrants pretending to be refugees? People who live off welfare in Germany but fly back to their old country twice a year to vacation there and visits friends and relatives?


BurnTrees- t1_jdwaxex wrote

What about them? Is this a statistical meaningful share?


wheelontour t1_jdwben7 wrote

About 80% of the "refugees" flooding across the German border in 2015/2016 and ever since claim they "have lost their papers, documents and ID" but strangely none of them have lost their cellphone. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature can see how we are being played for weak, gullible fools.


BurnTrees- t1_jdwdvh6 wrote

Okay so you don’t have any reference for the first claim, so you just make a second one, the statistic of 80% is a vast exaggeration it’s close to 50% (I’m sure you’re just ignorant though and wouldn’t need to actually lie to support your point).

Btw this article is still about migrants, even if you desperately want to talk about refugee issues, it has very little to do with this law.


wheelontour t1_jdwllzi wrote

> the statistic of 80% is a vast exaggeration it’s close to 50% (I’m sure you’re just ignorant though and wouldn’t need to

80% was an official figure by the Bundesgrenzschutz at the time. Maybe you should inform yourself before spreading your bullshit. It is you who are ignorant, not I.


BurnTrees- t1_jdwlyw9 wrote

Source that it was 80% „in 2015/2016 and ever since“?


GreedySenpai t1_jdyu556 wrote

I would like to know where you have your information from. I live as refugee in Germany, i know a dutzend other refugees here and they all work or, in case of Ukrainian refugees, look for work. Its difficult to find work for them, because many degrees are not accepted and advanced german-language skills are required to get hired. They are simply refused when they apply.

Also I rarely met refugees who think that live of state walfare is a good plan - they became depressed and left Germany, because they underestimated the efforts and overestimated the benefits wildly.

I mostly see people talking about "lazy refugees who live of state walfare" who are pretty previleged themselves, who and can not imagine the amount of paperwork and self-degradation involved, or the laughable low benefits one would get. Don't just listen to clickbait media, go outside and get in touch with people. Reality is more complicated than any media trend.