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AmargithHuld t1_jdx4gs4 wrote

The older gen in those countries had german as a second language in school, that helps as well.

But sure, cases throw many for a loop.

I can attest, however, that Russian ‘thinks’ in a very different way than germanic european languages, and they struggle very much with articles, wordplacement (as they have cases for that shit) and the idea of auxiliary verbs.

Source: lived there for a year, and soeak Russian and several germanic languages :)


bonyponyride t1_jdx9w2f wrote

Ah interesting. Maybe that's the reason. I've been taking German classes in Germany with a few Russians and many Ukrainians, and they've always been at the top of the class. Some of them finished B1 in just 7 months, which is crazy to me. It took me 10 months of full time classes and I still fuck up all the cases and have a smaller vocabulary that I can use off the top of my head.