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Megawoopi t1_jdx9scx wrote

If it only were Native Indians, Hindus, Thais and Chinese people. It's mostly people from muslim countries and the statistics are quite clear on what a big proportion of them think of our way of living.


Test19s t1_jdxag4m wrote

In Europe, and only because asylum seekers outnumber labour migrants. That’s a geographic balancing problem, not a problem of mass migration per se. And I acknowledge religious extremism as an exceptional circumstance, at least until the Near East gets out of its Thirty Years War phase.


Megawoopi t1_jdxaycz wrote

We have those problems with the (descendants of) labour migrants too, although of course I get that they're here on another motivation.


Test19s t1_jdxccmx wrote

Again, MENA problem only. Geographic balancing and recruiting deeper in Asia and Africa (as well as the Americas) would help unless those regions really are a desert of culturally compatible talent.