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Sajuukthanatoskhar t1_jdxd3y0 wrote

It hasnt fallen apart like Australia has, where the housing crisis there is like Bermannkiez, but across the entire continent.

Instead of fixing the problem, the fed gov wastes 368 bil on nuke subs. You could spend a 1/10 of that to just restore australian wildlife levels in the north, where most of Australia's terrifying wildlife exist, in order to have protect the borders from China.

It is insanely anti intellectual there, getting a phd torpedoes chances of getting a job outside of academia, which is a giant wankfest.

Berlin is incredibly safe. I feel safe moving around here. Living in Geelong or Traralgon is not really living at all with crime rates/capita there 4+x that of Berlin. I got treatment for a life long condition that threatened my career (ADHD) and fucked all of my relationships. I wouldve sunk easily 10k+ AUD into the psych appointments, if i could get them. In Germany, its absorbed by my insurance.

You have it really good here. Its worth paying taxes here.