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Erazerhead-5407 t1_je3j7ue wrote

If Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal is as affective as its Military then the World has nothing to fear. The incompetence that runs throughout the military, no doubt extends to their arsenal. Russia reminds me of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. He made the world believe he had weapons of mass destruction when in reality, he had nothing. We were told he had the 2nd strongest military in the region. They turned out to be incompetent. It was all a bluff. My guess, from everything We’ve seen so far from Putin is, it’s all a bluff !!! His Military is incompetent. The leaders are incompetent. They’re surrendering in bulk. The entire world has seen just how inept his military is. Now Putin is flexing his last trump card, his nuclear arsenal. This is the act of a desperate man.


reggie2006 t1_je44bhx wrote

U willing to bet on that?


Erazerhead-5407 t1_je44ygp wrote

I don’t bet on the lives of human beings. I find that to be quite insulting & revolting.


reggie2006 t1_je4sf4t wrote

That’s precisely my point. No one would bet on it