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0utlook t1_je3zn63 wrote

They nuke half a continent on the other side of the globe and still lose the war. There is no victory for anyone post nuclear war. Those not blessed by the quick death of the exchange itself will be left poisoned on a dying Earth.

Flee to the southern hemisphere all ya want. You'll still die with the oceans.


ArmChairAnalyst86 t1_je53z1n wrote

Yep. That's why it probably never happens. Humans are too self preserving to go through with it. The danger is if one side decides that self-preservation isn't a priority.

None the less, nuclear brinkmanship is an old game.


0utlook t1_je5cp8s wrote

It isn't though. We haven't even been at it a solid century yet. I wager it's a rubbish idea all around, and move we fight with drone fleets and astroid bases out around Jupiter.


Omevne t1_jebnfi6 wrote

We almost did launch the nukes, a close call could happen again and we need to be unlucky just once.


ArmChairAnalyst86 t1_jebx7se wrote

That is why this development is so concerning. If Russia decided to be very irresponsible, which they likely will, and stop sharing scheduled tests and similar events, the west has an extremely short window of time to determine whether it's a legit threat or not.

NK doesn't announce theirs, obviously, but they aren't in a state of hybrid conflict with the west in the same manner as Russia is. Besides, their missle game is nowhere near the Russians.

To me it makes this more than posturing and saber rattling if they follow through with it. It is just one more signal we are regressing hard into the cold war, and it's not as cold as it once was.