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grapehelium t1_jdujod7 wrote

I'll believe it when it happens. Netanyahu has made plenty of coalition promises in the past, and then when the time came to implement them he was unwilling/unable to. He did this often enough that a lot of politicians would not trust him, and that led to the last round of 4-5 elections Israel experienced.

Even if he stops the legislation now, he could also just start it up again in a few months. So is this a pause, or a cancellation, and even if it is a cancellation, can he be trusted?


newnemo t1_jduogvc wrote

Yeah, Netanyahu proved his resolve when he fired the Defense minister. Any 'pause' likely won't quell protests has he has shown his hand and that he can't be trusted.

I hope some important government resignations follow the defense minister firing that will force an election.


SalsaBueno t1_jdux178 wrote

Or he’ll just appoint loyalists to fill the vacancies.

Which outcome seems more likely?


[deleted] t1_jdv0l8z wrote

Someone said it takes four firings/resignations to trigger an election


grapehelium t1_jdvbenn wrote

to be a bit more precise, bibi has 64 seats in the 120 seat knesset. So 4 defections would produce a tie. Some legislation requires an absolute majority, i.e 61+ votes, IIRC, in order to dissolve the knesset, or setup a new government, they need 61 votes - Although I may be wrong on this point.


SalsaBueno t1_jdv0s5g wrote

And ol Bibi has been following the law precisely, yes? Spirit AND letter?


takeitineasy t1_jdv3gin wrote

I'm worried he's doing this to buy time. He expects people to relax, get a bit more comfortable, meanwhile he's regrouping and looking for more backup. The protestors should not go home yet, unfortunately.


ErikETF t1_jdwe7st wrote

He's pivoting to Pause til he can have a police force capable of crushing the protests.


Karpattata t1_jdv92pf wrote

The coalition seems rather unlikely to survive even a pause. Some of the children in it (Ben Gvir) are throwing hissy fits over the very idea.


susyarok t1_jdviql5 wrote

That is why we are not stopping the demonstrations! He is a liar, liar, liar!!


dubblix t1_jdvcun8 wrote

Didn't his first campaign run on a two state solution and then immediately say no way once elected?


halee1 t1_jdw9nzd wrote

Just read that the judicial "reform" attempt was postponed to July. No time to give up yet, unfortunately.