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tickleyourfanny t1_jebff2j wrote

>However, the court suspended the sentences for two years, meaning the bankers will not have to pay any fines unless they commit the same offense over that time period.

>>The accounts in the Swiss branch of Gazprombank were held by Sergei Roldugin, the artistic director of the St. Petersburg Music House, who is often dubbed “Putin's cellist.”

my big takeaway is that I really should have learned and musical instrument. Not seeing a downside. I am also starting to think this thing called 'Gazprom' is just a front for Putin to steal his countries resources, with his cronies( say wasn't a former German leader on it's board?)..Is it too late to learn the piccolo and get me a taste of that sweet musician perks?


pope1701 t1_jebhula wrote

>my big takeaway is that I really should have learned and musical instrument.

No need, you can just do it or in the open, get caught and don't get punished.

The fuck is this...


autotldr t1_jeba8of wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)

> Four bankers from Gazprom's Swiss affiliate have been found guilty by a Zurich court of failing to properly check vast sums of money flowing through the accounts of a Russian cellist and close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

> The bankers were found guilty of "Lack of due diligence in financial transactions" moving through Roldugin's accounts, the Zurich District Court said in its verdict on Thursday.

> Under Swiss law, the identity of the guilty bankers - who are of Russian, Swiss, and British nationality - cannot be made public.

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Hockeyhoser t1_jec6cst wrote

What about Rex Tillerson and Rosneft?


happykebab t1_jeclrbd wrote

World: Serious war is happening, why the fuck can't you stop doing dealings with fascists and nazists Switzerland?!

Switzerland: "title of thread"


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moralquary t1_jecv61z wrote

How do you expect someone who is brainwashed to become unbrainwashed if you shit on them for expressing themselves and their beliefs, offer an actual counter argument or don’t even fucking open your mouth because really you become just as bad as the thing you criticize when you act like your above it and above reasoning; wanker