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JPR_FI t1_jdz2g59 wrote

What is the use of supreme court of 34 people if the rest of the system does not function properly ? They cannot take all the cases and the ones they do take a long time to process. Even currently the system is abused and used for harassment. For examples see the report from Amnesty or any other human rights organization of your preference.
All the organizations report slide since 2014 and as I said I hope to see it improve, but yet seen no evidence of that.


Zekrom16 t1_jdz2oa0 wrote

Trends/downturns isn't equal to consistent problems that remain unsolved.


JPR_FI t1_jdz4br9 wrote

And yet all the reports state that situation has gotten worse since 2014, hence its a trend. I'll leave you with quote of a former president:

>The beginning of all wisdom is acknowledgement of facts


Zekrom16 t1_jdz4mdv wrote

Yes I have acknowledged all the facts you have given.

Hopefully you will not speak dumb things like falling to Russian levels cause the of the reasons I have given.