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Adhdbanana t1_jeb7jzl wrote

I support the US removing the yearly 400m USD in aid as the ANC surely does not need it or really cares. We go our separate way and russia can provide financial assistance.


After_Ride9911 t1_jeaynt6 wrote

As it stands, I’d struggle to support anything initiated by Russia.


macross1984 t1_jeayn1e wrote

Anyone know why South Africa became so pro-Russian?


Wundei t1_jeb1n4z wrote

From UnHerd - “The old guard of the ruling African National Congress, who still haunt every crevice of government here, have not forgotten that Russian support was crucial in their 80-year anti-apartheid struggle, finally won in a negotiated settlement in 1994. Many of the ageing elites studied at Russian or Bloc country universities. They may have forgotten the USSR’s egalitarian mantras in their rush to become wealthy, but nostalgia still lingers. The Russians have not been slow to capitalise on it.

Jacob Zuma, the disgraced former President currently facing criminal charges over alleged corruption in a 1999 arms deal, commissioned Russia’s Rosatom energy company to build eight nuclear plants in 2014. If completed, at a cost of £50 billion, the plants would have provided 23% of South Africa’s energy — and given the Russians an effective stranglehold over the country’s economy. Karyn Maughan and Kirsten Pearson, in their 2022 book, Nuclear, suggest the deal was clinched after Zuma received medical treatment in Russia for poisoning. The former President alleged a toxin had been administered by one of his wives at the behest of the CIA. No proof of this poisoning has ever been provided, but there is plenty of evidence of a strong bond forged between presidents Zuma and Putin afterwards — the latter reportedly knowing a bit about poisons.”


readerOP t1_jedxkt5 wrote

>African National Congress

basically the same as Indian National Congress. A lot of old parties are royally pissed off at current BJP govt for trying to distance India from Russia. As soon as BJP is ousted there will be major overhauls in EA to bring back the balance. Thankfully socialist wings of american media is very understanding and supportive of this. The reason is BJP is heavily pro towards neolib and conservative wings of USA and turning India into something that US can use the shoulders of to shoot at China, which in the longer turn is detrimental to India as it will be forced into conflicts with China and US has a track record of backstabbing their allies, so it's better for the future of India to not get into conflict with China or Russia and let the power of US war hawks dwindle instead. Modi is trying every propaganda to avoid this, but hopefully he will get kicked out in 2024 and we can distance ourselves from US to avoid war(doesn't have to be conventional).


blippityblop t1_jeb13dn wrote

The current president seems to blame NATO for Russia's aggression.

> Ramaphosa blamed NATO's proximity to Russian borders for the war: "The war could have been avoided if NATO had heeded the warnings from amongst its own leaders and officials over the years that its eastward expansion would lead to greater, not less, instability in the region."[130]


Adhdbanana t1_jeb7yu1 wrote

I get the feeling that the US is going to cancel their aid package. russia wants to be "sphere of influence" they must have the cash.


Fair-Location-2724 t1_jee7bzc wrote

Russia will strip you all bare to get what they want, don’t be fooled.


[deleted] t1_jeb52h4 wrote



Adhdbanana t1_jebceqq wrote

Well, the 400m USD yearly would be the answer. You'd agree America needs to stop that funding to the ANC? Like why would they want our dirty money.


OrangeOk1358 t1_jebphmj wrote

Most of which are given to US pharmaceutical companies that provide HIV medication and research labs. An insurance policy to ensure that a new deadlier variant of HIV doesn't appear in South Africa and spread across the world including the US. Edit: Its the same reason Western nations are still supplying South Africa with Covid vaccines and encouraging booster shots just in case a new strain of Covid pops up such as Omicron.


Adhdbanana t1_jebuir0 wrote

The point is russia can take that position over along with team BRIC. I would hazard a guess that there are other countries that could make do with the same beneficial aid package. Why would the US aid a country where the ANC outright stated putin would not be arrested. With that same amount of money marked as humanitarian aid for a country like Ukraine in a 10 year span we are looking at 40b USD to rebuild their infrastructure, housing, PTSD treatment, etc.

At this point I encourage all fellow Americans to write their reps and point out this fact and see if we can make it end. If BRIC is your future, good luck.


CautiousMeet7592 t1_ject5wq wrote

Why the hell do we have to pay for ukraines reconstruction? We have our own issues here.


monkeywithgun t1_jeb7snw wrote

Because why be on the wrong side of history yet again? China and Russia have been trying to make BRICS a thing for over two decades. The fact that it includes two of the worlds most dominant autocracies dooms it to failure.


RobotMugabe t1_jeb7e3l wrote

They are corrupt. No need to read anything into it.


Thannk t1_jeb7nrr wrote

The issue is half that block them expects you to pick a subteam since they have issues with each other and Brazil is a hot mess best avoided right now.


pseudoEscape t1_jecxawq wrote

Was a bit shocked how little media coverage the Tigray war got tbh. Like 800,000 civilians dead in two years and it’s just ended. Most people don’t even know about it.