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Strange-Bee5626 t1_jee6pat wrote

Thank you for your valuable input.


Card_Zero t1_jee7jcf wrote

Are you being sincere, or sarcastic? I'm aware that each argument should be taken on its merits, but you might consider that the quality of this theory about a vague wealthy elite who engaged in various evil manipulations over a vague span of time is comparable to other theories that the same person has about UFOs (or UAPs, as the cranks call them these days in order to avoid looking like cranks). This question remains unanswered.


Xoxrocks t1_jeengff wrote

It’s not that: it’s regulatory and legislative capture. The system is built such that companies that don’t exploit workers to increase profits or mitigate pollution will be out-competed. There is no overarching power grab, just a system that serves corporate profits rather than people. Tie that to regulations that are made by corporations and bought elections means that it pays to suck as much money out of people into corporations.


Oxon_Daddy t1_jefgj7b wrote

What you and the parent commenter are saying are different things.

You are saying that "the system" is structured to oppress workers, but there is no "overarching power grab"; you are not positing that there is a conspiracy among the elites to subjugate and oppress the proletariat.

The parent commenter is making that claim. He claims that the "elites" or "wealthy classes" have coordinated over time to implement a "strategy" (in his words) to create the structure of the system to subjugate and oppress the proletariat; he also claims in other comments that they pay for media and commenters on social media to produce misinformation to conceal that fact.

It is a conspiracy theory, and you were duped into defending it by passing it off as something that it is not.


Card_Zero t1_jeeoqev wrote

Regulatory capture is a thing. And the comment could have been about that. It could have been about anything. It should have been about a debt trap of some kind, but who knows really, read into it what you like. Lots of people seemed to enjoy the sound and feel of it.