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wabblebee t1_jds5fg1 wrote

i wonder, if they sailed there with the intent to get people and then transported them to italy instead of the closest coast (Libya/Malta) they will probably try to spin it as human traficking.


green_flash t1_jds6b2j wrote

Nah, once they had picked up the additional migrants, the Italian SAR coordinator told them to disembark all passengers in Lampedusa. No one brings resuced migrants back to Libya, not even the Italian coastguard themselves.


Famous_Count_1623 t1_jdtb1ho wrote

Uh not according to Doctors Without Borders:

" In 2022, 253,205 people attempted to cross the Mediterranean; 42 per
cent of those were intercepted at sea and returned to Libya, despite
that Libya is not a place of safety. People continue to drown or go
missing during the attempt; 2,367 died or went missing in 2022"


Mastercat12 t1_jdtyh85 wrote

Yes Libya isn't a place of safety but the migrants came from Libya because thats where the traffickers are. They came from sub-sahara.


p251 t1_jdtxjjf wrote

The phrasing is confusing. They are processed in Italy then returned back to Libya. The alternative is entering other migrant networks in eu.


Arcadess t1_jduao5d wrote

The section you quoted doesn't mention who "rescued" them.
The Libyan "coast guard" is just a bunch of traffickers and militias with fancy boats, and their job is to catch migrants and bring them back to Libya.


Hapster23 t1_jduk8it wrote

Those are the ones intercepted by the libyan coast guard I imagine (I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I live in Malta and it's an issue I try to follow)


green_flash t1_jdudo95 wrote

That's solely due to the actions of the so-called "Libyan coastguard".


GroundbreakingRice36 t1_je62htx wrote

If Doctor Without Borders care about migrants. They should act to evacuate migrants out of Libya once and for all to avoid people taking the sea and drawning.

There are lots of safe countries inside Africa. They can relocate as many migrants as they can from libya into safe africans countries and help them to start or rebuild their lives.

It's a more safer and long term success than fighting every years to find a port for all the migrants and EU ports seems to not want to take them.


GroundbreakingRice36 t1_je61u48 wrote

Only the libyans or non-EU rescuers can bring the rescued on Libyan they don't have any tie to the Italian SAR.

I remember a south east asian boat saved many migrants and brought them to Libyan ports (which was the closest port)