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nicigar t1_jduldi1 wrote

Was Banksy on the ship? Is he out there risking his neck?


Then call it what it is: Banksy's cynical political stunt.


green_flash t1_jduooz0 wrote

What's cynical about rescuing people from drowning at sea?


casus_bibi t1_jduxtwu wrote

The human traffickers are. They just use worse boats and less diesel, load the boat up with hundreds of people who paid thousands per person to travel 20 miles off shore, barely out of Libya territorial waters, if that, to run out of diesel and be picked up by the 'rescuers' who take them the rest of the way, hundreds of miles, to Italy. The human traffickers do not give a fuck and see the rescuers as a system to use for their benefit.


nicigar t1_jdvwffn wrote

He's a masterclass in political signalling while doing fuck all.