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Nek0maniac t1_jdumxpz wrote

I probably would, it wouldn't make it okay though. We need laws in a society to keep it civilised and everyone has to follow them, regardless of circumstance.


green_flash t1_jduolt6 wrote

We have asylum laws that guarantee the right to apply for asylum as an inalienable human right to every person on German soil, regardless how they arrived in the country. Italy has such a law as well.


wangaroo123 t1_jdwex0a wrote

So you’re saying you would steal but you still think the highest moral ground in this situation is someone just accepting they can’t get food at the moment and starving?

IMO someone stealing isn’t great but it’s way better than someone dying, especially if it’s from starvation, a problem we could solve pretty easily if we wanted.

The bigger issue here is that someone needs to steal to not die. We should be condemning the cause of these issues much harsher than the symptoms.