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casus_bibi t1_jduwuh6 wrote

Irrelevant to rescues at sea laws, though, which are only to prevent people drowning.


green_flash t1_jdv1uvz wrote

Not irrelevant at all. As I said, the non-refoulement principle applies. Besides, it's the Italian SAR that is responsible for assigning them a port for disembarkation. It is by international maritime law decidedly not the responsibility of the rescuer to find a willing port.


GroundbreakingRice36 t1_je5s2zr wrote

No, it's the up to rescuer to find a willing port.

There was an asian boat (I don't remember the name or date but they were likely a South East Asians boat that rescued lots of migrants, they docked all of them to Libya (the nearest port and available to dock).

Lots of tunisians fishermen that found migrants, bring them backt to Tunisia.

NGOs can (if they wanted) work with Tunisia, Algeria, Morrocco, Libya) to stop migrants from taking the sea TO SAVE MORE LIVES (since the goal is to save them from drawning NOT TRAFFIC THEM INTO EUROPE illegally).

Then if they aren't drawning in the sea. Finding another solution to transfer them into safer african countries or safe neighboring countries. NOT SENDING ALL REFUGEES THEY CAN SEND INTO EU SHORES.