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Nightmare1990 t1_je3eqh9 wrote

Why are there so few posts on worldnews about this and China inviting SA to join BRICS?


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ScaryShadowx t1_je3zrs6 wrote

Calling worldnews 'Pro-US' is like calling Russia a 'little bad'. Worldnews is essentially a propaganda arm of US foreign policy at this point.


imperialzzz t1_je4h3xz wrote

Propaganda left, propaganda right, its everywhere. Exhausting. Never know what to really believe anymore.


yatchau94 t1_je3wnes wrote

Agree. That saudi Iran is a very big and life changing policy between these countries. Youdon't see much positive news outside the West, especially their adversary. That why tiktok congress hearing news also don't show up here (well with very less upvote, less visibility) .


BonerStorm69 t1_je2gzam wrote

Looks like the rest of the world, that hates america, is ganging up on the west. They all have a common hatred that might bring them all together lol


Floral-Shoppe t1_je4a9o3 wrote

I think it has more to do with the fact that the Saudis don't see the USA as reliable as an ally. Israel isn't doing well right now either so from their point of view they are left to go against Iran solo in a conflict they wouldn't win. A peace deal may guarantee them survival. This also gives iran room to scale back from proxy wars (Yemen and Syria) and secure the home front with the protests.


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test_test_1_2_3 t1_je4fsn3 wrote

Bollocks, Saudi is just doing what makes sense for their government, it’s not retaliatory it’s just self interest. Israel is currently experiencing issues and the US Saudi relations are less close than they have been so closer ties with Iran is a good move.

China Iran and Russia’s ‘advantage’ is that they are run by totalitarian leaders who don’t need to worry about public opinion or perception.


ScaryShadowx t1_je4035y wrote

The US still thinks this is the 90s where their only geopolitical rival fell and countries have no other choice but join them or go alone. Many on the US government and their citizens (as shown on this sub) absolutely refuse to see the changing geopolitical landscape and the rising power giving the world an alternate to US hegemony.

Rather than trying to bring countries into the fold by offering better partnerships, the US is doing what the US has done for decades, trying to strong arm them and lecture them, while it's citizens disregard and make fun of the rising powers that are taking more and more of the US' geopolitical pie, believing the US is somehow uniquely powerful and can never fade.


astros1991 t1_je6kmh5 wrote

I don’t know if you’re living under a rock, but the US and its allies are gaining momentum. On the eastern front, they are getting more support from countries in the South China Sea like Vietnam and the Philippines, Australia is building a stronger navy to keep China in check, France is setting up closer ties with India with the idea to reduce their military dependence on Russian weapons, economic war with China supported from each of the western allies such as blocking China’s access to high-tech semiconductors. On the western front in Europe, Nato is getting rebuffed with more investment in defence within its member countries, Finland and Sweden joining Nato thus containing Russia further, Ukraine applying to join the EU bloc and doing a pretty good job at draining Russian military and financial ressources.

The way I see it, the West are doing pretty well. And that’s good. I’d support then anytime instead of supporting tyranny.


krichuvisz t1_je3rbks wrote

What's about the sunni shia Enmity? All of a sudden, no thing anymore?


answersplease77 t1_je54dld wrote

Neither of these dictatorship governments even care about God. They both use religon for oppression and control


krichuvisz t1_je54gzf wrote

But, that's what religion is for.


answersplease77 t1_je5dr2n wrote

If you think all religons don't hold people equal and accountable in front of God, and don't mandate people to oppose injustice, and just follow orders of governments, then you can join the religons which these governments promote.

In these countries, much like all dictatorships in the world, their religon is to glorify their leaders and governments. It's a shitty version of religon basically state religon is to control people, take their money, and stay in power. These governments created a whole new sector in Islam of clerks who worship the government and king, and they pay each of the state clerks or priests hundernds of millions of dollars to promote and preach nothing but propagonda and praises for the government. Just like how the catholic church controlled rome in the 18th century. This is the only type of religon these governments love.


thatminimumwagelife t1_je4s73f wrote

Ultimately, money and staying in power are more important than some stupid religious disagreement, and the leaders know that. They won't say so openly because they can't anger the rubes but that's the truth.