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cosmicrae t1_jeecm8b wrote

I hope this is done by a copper circuit, and not via TCP/IP and a VPN. Actual POTS circuits still have a place in this world.


Nicolas_Wang t1_jeeu7dw wrote

It's deep sea fiber. You outdated.


Gawdsauce t1_jefrn4x wrote

Right? POTS isn't secure, it's all converted to SIP/RTP on the provider end anyways.


OriginOfEnigma t1_jef75iq wrote

Why would copper be optimal vs fiber?


Mysticpoisen t1_jefepyu wrote

A direct dedicated line can be far more secure than communication over the internet.


bsjfan0 t1_jefn2qt wrote

But why copper and not fiber?


Mysticpoisen t1_jefxy9f wrote

Copper is capable of both analog and digital communications and is much cheaper to lay and maintain. Insane fiber bandwidths aren't necessary for a single-use line.


Befuddled_Cultist t1_jeg5zu1 wrote

Fiber is also capable of analog and digital communication I think.


iprothree t1_jeg9bxu wrote

You can but I think the planners saw it as it's much more expensive and complicated for little to no benefit. Phone calls only need about 60 kbps of bandwidth, everything above is essentially wasted space on a dedicated line. And due to how light works, adjusting modulation over glass is a bit harder vs copper. Most analog communication over fiber uses a converter to convert to digital.

Besides I think it'll probably just be tapping into existing infrastructure and being allocated dedicated bandwidth.


Ok-Camp-7285 t1_jegrqg3 wrote

Why would OP hope it's copper just to reduce cost? Seems an odd thing to be concerned with


machstem t1_jegl1cj wrote

Copper can also carry electricity which is useful for devices that power over ethernet


dredbeast t1_jeg432a wrote

It wouldn’t be. Even in modern settings, POTS isn’t just copper anymore. It is copper from a Central Office to the customer, Central Offices are connected together through fiber connections.

So when you are making a call, you are connecting to a telephone switch via a copper connection. The telephone switch talks to other switches via fiber.


ASD_Detector_Array t1_jeffcv5 wrote

Quantum entanglement is where it's at. Can't hack it if it uses magic ✨


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jefmlu1 wrote

Except no one has figured out how to communicate properly with entanglement.


perpetual-let-go t1_jefn0hw wrote

It's easy. You just need a second line of communication to share which spin your source particle has and then they know which spin the entangled one has.


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jefn8b3 wrote

I too used to think this. There are lots of videos online that can and do explain how and why that doesn't work much better than I can.

People much more intelligent than you or I have attempted to solve this problem and failed. I challenge you to find a peer reviewed video of article explaining how it does work if you don't believe me.


perpetual-let-go t1_jefnmcp wrote

It was a joke - if you always communicate the particle state it defeats the purpose of having the particles.


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jefnq9p wrote

Alright then. Thought you were the one who downvoted me so thought you were serious.


Tripanes t1_jefx3sd wrote

You can't. If you could it would break the speed of causality and that would be a very big no no in terms of the laws of physics as we understand them.


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jefy4t6 wrote


Tripanes t1_jeg2g66 wrote

Oh good, quantum stuff gets even more weird


kindle139 t1_jeg4c9s wrote

(paraphrasing Sean Carroll from memory here)

As I understand it, even though the action is instantaneous over distance due to entanglement, because neither party can communicate this to the other, information isn’t traveling faster than the speed of light.


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jegawdb wrote

Then how did he explain it as one of the particles can be many light years away and know the Planck time moment it's mated pair changes.?


kindle139 t1_jegjh8r wrote

I don’t know, I think he might say something like if you look at the equations then you can see that distance is not a relevant factor.


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jegagll wrote

That's why Einstein hated the idea so much, it broke one of his fundamental laws.


Narwhalbaconguy t1_jeg6my0 wrote

It’s actually being done with 2 cans and a loooonnnngggggg piece of string


3threads2vars t1_jegxdas wrote

Sorry, but as someone who works in tech, wtf does this even mean?

Did you mean to say you hope it’s a dedicated line and not just backpacking off the existing internet infrastructure?