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perpetual-let-go t1_jefn0hw wrote

It's easy. You just need a second line of communication to share which spin your source particle has and then they know which spin the entangled one has.


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jefn8b3 wrote

I too used to think this. There are lots of videos online that can and do explain how and why that doesn't work much better than I can.

People much more intelligent than you or I have attempted to solve this problem and failed. I challenge you to find a peer reviewed video of article explaining how it does work if you don't believe me.


perpetual-let-go t1_jefnmcp wrote

It was a joke - if you always communicate the particle state it defeats the purpose of having the particles.


DaddyIsAFireman t1_jefnq9p wrote

Alright then. Thought you were the one who downvoted me so thought you were serious.