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Mysticpoisen t1_jefxy9f wrote

Copper is capable of both analog and digital communications and is much cheaper to lay and maintain. Insane fiber bandwidths aren't necessary for a single-use line.


Befuddled_Cultist t1_jeg5zu1 wrote

Fiber is also capable of analog and digital communication I think.


iprothree t1_jeg9bxu wrote

You can but I think the planners saw it as it's much more expensive and complicated for little to no benefit. Phone calls only need about 60 kbps of bandwidth, everything above is essentially wasted space on a dedicated line. And due to how light works, adjusting modulation over glass is a bit harder vs copper. Most analog communication over fiber uses a converter to convert to digital.

Besides I think it'll probably just be tapping into existing infrastructure and being allocated dedicated bandwidth.


Ok-Camp-7285 t1_jegrqg3 wrote

Why would OP hope it's copper just to reduce cost? Seems an odd thing to be concerned with


machstem t1_jegl1cj wrote

Copper can also carry electricity which is useful for devices that power over ethernet