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gentleman_snake t1_iuhszug wrote

"Losing bridges is painful. Trust me, I know."


RedofPaw t1_iuid06v wrote

"and the... People? Oh... Yes, we have those too. Yes. The people. Very tragic loss of potential cannon fodder."


FreezingMoose t1_iuht7jj wrote

No condolences to the parents of his soldiers?


ziptofaf t1_iuhy8g3 wrote

Why send condolences when you can send potatoes and in some cases Lada cars? You can always make another kid in Russia. But you can't so easily get a car.


Ebisure t1_iuhr01n wrote

He lost a bridge too


ArmaTM t1_iuhqqfx wrote

he's envious that bridges fall on their own over there, no missiles on civilians needed


BolognaIsThePassword t1_iuhv0h3 wrote

Putin walked his people and the Ukrainian people both into a catastrophic third world way of living for the foreseeable future just because he had this grand vision for bringing the Soviet power back. Wtf is wrong with us as a species


OhNoManBearPig t1_iujholn wrote

What's wrong with us is that we don't stand up to tyrants soon enough.


Good_Extension_9642 t1_iuicfjg wrote

Putin: Sorry about all the people that died in the bridge, (never mind all the people dying in Ukraine senseless war)


GameHunter1095 t1_iuhs0mb wrote

I think Putin just figured out how to screw the word " condolences" up too while giving the word "hypocritical" a new meaning at the same time.

Wow "I need to start smoking crack or something."


PapaPolarBear0622 t1_iuhste0 wrote

The only thing putin cares about ia how badly he is losing the fight he picked. Like a playground bully rallying his friends after he started to lose while the whole world is already laughing at how pathetic he looks.


Opposite_Wear6120 t1_iui3rrs wrote

We indians support Putin


throwaway_nrTWOOO t1_iuibpqg wrote

You sure like daddy Putin killing civilians, raping toddlers, and destroying homes, hospitals and orphanages..
As long as you can increase your cheap oil by 4x (so far).