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StarWarsHoliday2 t1_iuetdmj wrote

I hope it won't end in civil war in Brazil. But then again Latin America was always complicated in terms of politics.


PandaMuffin1 t1_iuetgeh wrote

> Lula has vowed a return to state-driven economic growth and social policies that helped lift millions out of poverty during a commodity boom when he first governed Brazil. He also vows to combat destruction of the Amazon rainforest, now at a 15-year high, and make Brazil a leader in global climate talks.

> A second term for Bolsonaro would keep Brazil on a path of free-market reforms and looser environmental protections, while cementing a coalition of right-wing parties and powerful farm interests, which bankrolled his campaign.


DonDove t1_iuey9ra wrote

Don't forget bye bye to the Amazon Forest forever


LiquidFireBR t1_iuezgkv wrote

Em outras palavras, nós Brasileiros normais estamos todos fudidos