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FVBATofficial t1_iu1lmn9 wrote

Putin was trying to gain regional domination at best lol. Ukraine offers nothing for anyone seeking global domination.


DynoMiteDoodle t1_iu1n78y wrote

He would control the cereal and grain supply for half of the planet. With climate change causing food security issues, having control over food distribution is a massive deal, also his original plan was to include Moldova as well as his near allies Turkey and Hungary. If he had been successful in Ukraine, the security situation would look very different


FVBATofficial t1_iu1oi7q wrote

Ukraine does not produce anything close to half of the world’s grain. Ukraine produces about as much as Pakistan does. Ukrainian grain fills a cheap grain niche in the market for some of Europe, which has already been mitigated, and only really impacts extreme improvised regions of Africa. Russia produces twice as much grain as Ukraine does, and even if you added Ukrainian grain to Russia’s supply it would still not be a worldwide issue if it were cut off from the world. Russian ambitions of invading NATO nations would never materialize. If Russia takes Ukraine it would certainly change the Regional security picture, but it would not be a worldwide issue whatsoever. Russia already controls the only strategic piece of land in Ukraine, and has since 2014 when the war began and it has yet to be a worldwide issue.


doublestitch t1_iu1tdie wrote

You need to look at exports, not just production. Ukraine was the world's fifth leading exporter of wheat in 2021. Pakistan wasn't even in the top 100.

Population has something to do with that. Pakistan has 225 million people; Ukraine has 43 million people. Pakistan is producing for domestic needs; Ukraine makes a surplus.


FVBATofficial t1_iu1ua9m wrote

I see that graph, I also see that Ukraine only contributed 8% of the worlds supply which is nowhere near the “half” originally claimed by Dyno, and is not anywhere near a worldwide issue number especially considering that the nations above and below Ukraine are capable of filling the slack by increasing production, again factoring in Russia.


doublestitch t1_iu1vrch wrote

You'll have to take up that with Dyno. I've joined to fact check your assertions. You wrote,

> even if you added Ukrainian grain to Russia’s supply it would still not be a worldwide issue if it were cut off from the world.

What the stats at that source show is Russia is currently neck and neck with the United States for the top spot with slightly over 13% of the export market. As things stand Russia gets the top spot by a hair; if it succeeds at taking over Ukraine then Russia would be the clear leader gaining control over more than 20% of the international wheat trade.

And Ukraine's wheat production is chiefly in the west and south of the country--which is what Russia is trying hardest to control. (Crimea

> If Russia takes Ukraine it would certainly change the Regional security picture, but it would not be a worldwide issue whatsoever.

That's a sweeping claim. It doesn't look like the data bears it out.


FVBATofficial t1_iu1yzo5 wrote

Russia has controlled Crimea in it’s entirety for 8 years now.


doublestitch t1_iu1z8px wrote

It's difficult to believe you're writing that in good faith. That's a red herring.


FVBATofficial t1_iu1zg5q wrote

How is that a red herring, that is directly applicable to the comment it is in reply to, and important context to remember that this is soon to be a 9 year old war, not a new war.


DynoMiteDoodle t1_iu1q8se wrote

Yea, I said he would have control. You didn't add up the total of his influence in a world where he won.


FVBATofficial t1_iu1rmac wrote

Again his total influence would be regional at best. And even then he’d still have less grain than Western Europe so he’d really only have marginal influence over Eastern Europe.


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FVBATofficial t1_iu1p61i wrote

Brother wtf are you talking about? You think that the global computer chip supply comes from Ukraine?!?!? Lol


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FVBATofficial t1_iu1rfpn wrote

A material that goes into the production of the machines that makes chips had its supply temporarily interrupted is what that article says. That is a different thing from what you said. You should learn to read, although I apologize if English is not your first language. Further reading would also tell you that Ukraine has no monopoly on those resources.


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FVBATofficial t1_iu1twyc wrote

You must not understand economics. Those industries exist there not because of a monopoly on resource, like say oil producing nations, but because that is the most efficient place according to the markets. There are plenty of other places capable of filling the gap. Your statement that Putin would control the chip supply is patently incorrect, as if he took the resources and niche that Ukraine holds other nations would simply fill in the gap. This is not like 1991 where Saddam controlling Kuwait gave him a serious percentage of the worlds supply of something.


calmdownmyguy t1_iu1yo47 wrote

Neon is dispersed evenly throughout the atmosphere across the entire planet. You could set up a factory on a desert island and produce neon. Opec controls the oil market because the oil is within their territory. Neon is everywhere.