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KnowsHerOnions t1_itybxwt wrote

Without googling….guess the rest of the bottom 5. I’ll start:

Somalia Venezuela Brazil Yemen


escapingearth t1_ityeje7 wrote

Really going leave Syria out


goonsquad4357 t1_itygozn wrote

Regime-held territory (Aleppo Damascus, latakia) at least has functioning rule of law and governance. Can think of a half-dozen other countries not listed above to put above Syria (Libya, Niger, DRC, etc.)


yedrellow t1_ityxmnd wrote

DRC is similar in that regard. Go to Katanga and other than getting harassed for bribes, you will be fine.


Unbelievablemonk t1_ityvozw wrote

For the curious but lazy: The bottom 5 are Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Pakistan. With an honarary mention to Ukraine only 18 GPI points away from Pakistan. Which is rather interesting that a country in an all out war with a major (ex) superpower still safer than the bottom 5.


ooopsmymistake t1_itzg10g wrote

The Global Peace Index is a different survey than the Gallup Law and Order Index used in the article. Bottom five in the Gallup data are Sierra Leone, the DR Congo, Venezuela, Gabon and Afghanistan.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_ityvq57 wrote

[Global Peace Index]( updated index is released,to be the least peaceful.)

>Global Peace Index (GPI) is a report produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) which measures the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness. The GPI ranks 163 independent states and territories (collectively accounting for 99. 7 per cent of the world's population) according to their levels of peacefulness. In the past decade, the GPI has presented trends of increased global violence and less peacefulness.

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Identity_ranger t1_ityicjl wrote

Brazil? Are things really that bad over there?


sinmantky t1_itykhrt wrote

Those capybaras supplying the favelas with RPGs and AKs.


Doomsday_pirate t1_itz9yfv wrote

I knew those damn rat pigs couldn't be trusted.


HyenaChewToy t1_iu08mzc wrote

Lol I can actually picture those water hamsters walking around the favelas wearing bandanas and machine guns. XD


lostoneY t1_itynxyp wrote

Actually no. Since it's so normal to get shot nowadays, Brazil is also normal


Ruty_The_Chicken t1_iu04x9y wrote

No, just xenophobia as usual. As bad as some places can be here, Brazil doesn't even come close to freaking Somalia, Haiti or Afghanistan


ooopsmymistake t1_itzfqro wrote

Way off:

Sierra Leone 59

DR Congo 58

Venezuela 55

Gabon 54

Afghanistan 51


AK_Sole t1_ityk5tb wrote

Yeah, I’ll bite:
Somalia, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya, and can I throw in N. Korea for extra credit?


I_wanna_trade t1_itzdjom wrote

lmao yeah Brazil is definitely there, never travel here.


LatinxGremlin t1_itzjblc wrote

Central African Republic & Haiti need to be on there. Kick Venezuela and Brazil off


lmac187 t1_iu07v4s wrote

Brazil being that low actually surprises me and I know it shouldn’t.


Shturm-7-0 t1_itytsrc wrote

Hmm, didn't expect to not find Ukraine and Mexico in the bottom 5.


Voidot t1_itzarzr wrote

Ukraine actually makes sense, because they were constantly dealing with russia-sponsored insurgency groups.


NetCat0x t1_itymh8t wrote

You sure it doesn't include Ukraine or North Korea?


chudsonracing t1_ityfxqa wrote

Somalia, Brazil, Iran, Syria,, China/North Korea


Odd_Local8434 t1_itygo7k wrote

China? The surveillance state that puts 1984 to shame?


chudsonracing t1_itykuyi wrote

I was thinking more dangerous for travelers, you can get locked up for breathing wrong and die in a Chinese prison. Although I guess that goes for their citizens too


addicted_to_bass t1_itz1vjr wrote

Are you in the USA? this is so much fun to read if you're in the USA.


Odd_Local8434 t1_iu2ftt0 wrote

I mean fair, but the USA isn't China, in the USA you get locked up for being born poor, and/or not white. In China even the billionaires can get sacked, different awful systems.


addicted_to_bass t1_iu3osab wrote

I think it makes sense that billionaires are accountable when they do wrong, not that I approve harsh laws or Chinas judicial system (the little i know about it).


briefnuditty t1_ityckba wrote

No way Canada isn't on the list... they said secure and seeing as how Canada is so nice they will not only let you in the country but bring you home and give you poutine.. yup Canada for sure is in the bottom 5


TurboD16F20 t1_ityjsex wrote

Haiti isn't on the list? Odd


Octopugilist t1_iu0bdcy wrote

Afghanistan was probably upset to be on the same list as Haiti.


SpaceMonkey1900 t1_iu0f8ud wrote

I was gonna go with Ukraine seeing as it's under attack regularly and who knows where the next set of missiles will hit.


Mothrahlurker t1_iu266n5 wrote

There are a lot of countries in Africa that are significantly less secure than Ukraine due to warlords roaming around, Myanmar is probably also a lot less secure since the Junta has air supremacy and can airstrike everywhere.


Affectionate_Bus_884 t1_itygod8 wrote

Most secure: North Sentinel Island


WildKenway t1_ityikc2 wrote

Whatever US doesn't touch it's better lol


Upset_Leek295 t1_itz2m8p wrote

Pls shut up


TerryWogansBum t1_iu35r54 wrote

If that were any other country it would've been seen as a fair crack, but because it was about the US? Ahhh, that famed American thick skin!


[deleted] t1_ityhkd1 wrote



isawagoose t1_ityp8eq wrote

It wasn't a waste at all. It made the arms industry all the money it was supposed to, and then some.


torridesttube69 t1_ityxksc wrote

Are you suggesting that the arms industry somehow tricked the government into fighting in Afghanistan? Or how does your statement make any sense?


isawagoose t1_ityxw6y wrote

No, I'm saying that many politicians had financial stakes in the industry, which was a large contributing factor to starting and prolonging the war. Did you already forget about Dick Cheney? It hasn't been that long.


torridesttube69 t1_ityyacd wrote

Seems like it would be a lot easier to just invest in certain stocks and then give the company government subsidies or something like that.

I am not American, I am just saying what I think seems most logical - don't know what Dick Cheney has done.


Vendetta4Avril t1_itz1y7m wrote

Dick Chaney was CEO of Halliburton Oil until 2000, then he became Vice President for George W Bush. He’s considered the most powerful VP in US history.

9/11 happens in 2001, and Cheney was a huge proponent for invading Iraq, claiming they were hosting WMDs and Al-Qaeda. Neither claim had any solid evidence, but the US invaded Iraq, nonetheless.

Halliburton and Chaney make a shit ton of money from the oil reserves in Iraq. US terrorizes the Middle East for 20 year without cause. Chaney pays no consequences.


agoodfriendofyours t1_itze5de wrote

Dick Cheney shot a man in the face with a shotgun and that man apologized to him on national television.


Vendetta4Avril t1_itzf6sr wrote

This is also true.

Edit: he is also an opponent of LBGTQ+ rights, and his daughter is a lesbian.


particular-potatoe t1_itz1lna wrote

What’s often overlooked about the War in Afghanistan is that Bush was offered peace by the Taliban leader with a clear exit strategy after the US invaded. He instead decided to remain in Afghanistan to nation build. Part of that decision was to enrich contractors (the use of which exploded during the Afghan/Iraq wars). Dick Cheney and other Bush-era politicians were shareholders in military contracting firms. They went on to launch the wholly unjustified war in Iraq for the same reason.


isawagoose t1_ityywmw wrote

They do that, too. But when the country is amped up for a war of revenge, and you and your buddies are corrupt and in a position to start that war and profit immensely from it, you start that war.


succubus-slayer t1_itz3zmw wrote

You almost seem to forget that getting a foothold near oil deposits in the region didn’t have some role.


SomnAmbalamps t1_itz7aee wrote

The Afghan people were given 20 years and infinitely more resources to do what Ukraine has done to a larger, superior force in under a year with a fraction of one percent what Afghanistan had. The afghans threw down their weapons without a single shot fired. Fuck em. That’s not the US fault.

The US military was never once repulsed from Afghanistan and it left of its own accord by its own schedule with not a consideration at all to whatever the hell the Taliban thought it was doing. This was a failure, but not of the US military.


Sketti_n_butter t1_iu0fyqb wrote

Afghanistan is not a country. There is no national identity in the region. What we call "Afghanistan" on a map are basically groups of tribes. The idea that America was going to somehow, go into Afghanistan, bomb the shit out of it, and then bring the warring tribes together was never on the table. We're talking about thousands of years of culture and identity. There was not a chance that was happening. Besides, even if it did,would that be considered genocide?


SomnAmbalamps t1_iu2k6kz wrote

By that same definition, neither is Canada, the US, Mexico, Spain, etc. Make it work or don’t. That’s not really anyone else’s responsibility.

I love how people like to point out how “colonial powers” drew the maps of the Middle East after conquering them without regards to the different groups which actually live there. Yea they did. This is also how every single country in Europe was created as well as all of the other countries every where else in the world. This is how countries are made. Yes. Uh huh. Yep. That’s what they did.


Baachs91 t1_itzo624 wrote

The waste was leaving after that investment. The US should have been there permanently


Alan_Smithee_ t1_iu02kao wrote

They shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


Some_Yesterday3882 t1_iu0ef84 wrote

Nah better to leave it a breading ground and safe haven for Islamic terrorist networks.


Alan_Smithee_ t1_iu0f8o6 wrote

How’s that working out for you, champ?

>breading ground

I love me a good Bolani.


Sketti_n_butter t1_iu0g6bk wrote

For what purpose? To try out our military equipment and keep our soldiers active and give them something to do while working our the bugs in new technology?we can do that without invading a country and hurting/killing people who never wanted us there.


MavsGod t1_itydpam wrote

I have an incredibly hard time believing that Afghanistan is less secure than the DRC.


isawagoose t1_itypjde wrote

It's based on survey responses of the populace, so I guess go tell the Congolese to answer better next time?


fuzzy9691 t1_itz90es wrote

Self-reporting data is always corrupt.

Ask a thousand people to ‘rate their pain out of ten’ when experiencing similar levels of pain (injury); and you’ll get ten thousand different answers.


ooopsmymistake t1_itzgd0a wrote

>Self-reporting data is always corrupt. > >Ask a thousand people to ‘rate their pain out of ten’ when experiencing similar levels of pain (injury); and you’ll get ten thousand different answers.

There are statistical tools to get rid of a lot of the problems self-reporting data faces.

Also your example would probably be normally distributed.


ka36 t1_iu11ark wrote

> out of ten

> ten thousand different responses

Y'all need data validation


Cakeriel t1_iu1b4a5 wrote

Assuming they only give integers


ka36 t1_iu1ewmm wrote

Hence the data validation. Miss me with that 5.5/10 shit; there's a reason it's out of ten instead of a hundred.


Hosni__Mubarak t1_iu092sk wrote

DRC can sorta feed itself. And there are large pockets of the DRC that are, while not ‘safe’ at least sorta stable.


Mewmute t1_ityqps6 wrote

Comparing youtubers videos from Afghanistan (backpacker ben, bald and bankrupt, britannica politica) to Haiti (indigo traveler) it seems like Haiti is way more unsafe than Afghanistan


Oak_Redstart t1_ityrzlr wrote

Backpacker Ben, that’s a new one to me, will have to check it out


Trav3lingman t1_ityxuvr wrote

Afghanistan is not a country. It's a bunch of random tribal religious fanatics. Let em live how they want if they will leave the rest of us out of it.


Sketti_n_butter t1_iu0giq1 wrote

Exactly. Why take away their autonomy? There are 195 countries on earth. Why the fuck is Afghanistan the place where both England and America went to war. That poor, poor place. I feel bad for all of it's residents.


Trav3lingman t1_iu0i0rn wrote

There is a literal "invasions of Afghanistan" wiki page it's happened so many times. The US the Soviets and the UK were all suuuperr late to the invade Afghanistan game. Leave them to be how they want.


os_kaiserwilhelm t1_iu2twxo wrote

England was just good old imperialism. Afghanistan came to the US in 2001 when it allowed its territory to be a safe haven for ALl Qaeda. Additionally the Northern Alliance fought the opening phase of the war. The Taliban had been driven from Kabul before American boots touched the ground thanks to US Air support.


Youngdumbstoneddrunk t1_iu28146 wrote

I always thought Afghanistan should never been a country, its always been a continental corridor.


Trav3lingman t1_iu2ah3h wrote

It's a place just left to it's own devices. The last time anyone truly controlled the area was probably Alexander the Great.


os_kaiserwilhelm t1_iu2ufw7 wrote

It was literally the seat of Ahmad Shah Durrani's empire. Before that it had been the seat of Timur's heir, and later the base for Babur for his invasion of India.

Does that mean every valley had state presence? But the cities and surrounding countryside were under a loose system of fealty not too dissimilar to feudalism.


Trav3lingman t1_iu2xj7m wrote

IIRC Alexander had full control but he also retired troops there with land grants. Veteran soldiers flat out living in a region probably helped a lot. My memory could be faulty though. It's been 10+ years since I got a curiosity bug on Afghanistan.


LeCat73 t1_ityhvj8 wrote

Mission accomplished! - US military leadership


poweredbytexas t1_ityfval wrote

Quite a contrast to the Ukrainians


SlashThingy t1_ityn694 wrote

It's hard to care about this too much. They had 20 years to start caring about their country and they didn't.


sac666 t1_itzduiw wrote

What about Burma? Looks worse right now


Evening_Wheel4969 t1_iu0mav8 wrote

What’s up with the dude in the pink blazer on the left? Bold strategy in Afghanistan. Especially after Labor Day.


motojoe333 t1_ityfubr wrote

R u daft? Since when was that a safe country?


Squeakygear t1_ityh7hl wrote

It wasn’t… already?


henne-n t1_ityiax2 wrote

Would have guessed north Korea.


Pavaroy t1_ityks3p wrote

You know initially i wouldnt think north korea would have a lot of crime bc its so repressive and people generally dont have access to guns etc so i looked it up and was fairly surprised

North Koreas murder rate per a million people is 150.88 which ranks them 45th in the world

Meanwhile the US is 42 murders per million which ranks them 43rd in the world

Honduras takes the cake in this category with 900+ murders per million.

The rest of the top 50 are majority located in south america and africa


No_Drama_6233 t1_ityjise wrote

Afghanistan has been ranked as the "least secure" country in the world, according to a survey.

The survey evaluated around 120 countries based on the safety and security of the country's citizens.

This report comes after Afghanistan retained its position in the Global Peace Index for five years as the world's "least peaceful" country, Khaama Press reported.

However, Singapore was rated as the most secure, with a score of 96 in the survey report, according to Khaama Press.

Acts of terror, killings, blasts and attacks have become a regular affair with unabated human rights violations involving ceaseless murder of civilians, destroying mosques and temples, assaulting women, and fueling terror in the region.


BKGPrints t1_ityov1o wrote

Who could have possibly seen that coming?


sns2017 t1_itype4i wrote

How do they rank 120 countries within score range of 51-96?


Stock_Ad_8145 t1_itzmyjv wrote

The US and its allies lost the moment they chose nation building in Afghanistan. We spent more in Helmand Province than we did in the Marshall Plan. It became about creating a state rather than defeating an enemy. That state became completely predatory and we chose to ignore it. We essentially tried to "fix" the graveyard of empires.

A lot of people got rich off of it. But the goal was never to actually 'win." That's bad for business. There was no "win" state in Afghanistan unless the Taliban and other groups such as IS-K signed an agreement to end the conflict. That was never possible. The pitch was to "degrade" them enough so that government institutions could begin administering services. Well, the US and allies would chase the Taliban away, welcome in the Afghan government, which then began treating the local populations, particularly in Kandahar and Helmand horribly because the "local government" consisted of people from northern Afghanistan such as Tajiks and Uzbeks who HATED Pashtuns. After the Battle of Marjah, the US forces talked about "Government In a Box." The Taliban were back in Marjah within a few months. The government never had any legitimacy outside of Kabul.

This is what we spent trillions on. Do you think we were there to win? The Taliban waited until the time was right and the regime and the military collapsed within weeks. It was a mirage. This is because we never intended to win. The mirage was for investors and shareholders, not for the Afghan people.


13Witnesses t1_iu0crno wrote

Says a lot when you have a literal war going on in Ukraine.


fartuni4 t1_iu26q8y wrote

It was a lot more secure when it was flooded by opium and drone strikes


46dad t1_iu3176d wrote

Becomes? Who was in first before?


Albertsongman t1_itygd8y wrote

It’s difficult to build up a country so fragile. The U.S. I believe held interest there for decades as a habit and optics to the rest of that region. … Ukraine was seen as the next domino. … Democracy is threatened.


Mushroom_Tip t1_ityj0zf wrote

No, Ukrainians actually want democracy. They aren't rejecting it. Their source of pain isn't from within.


Albertsongman t1_itzfym5 wrote

No doubt that Ukrainian want democracy. What I’m saying is if one country loses its stability, the Euro/Asian arena has vulnerabilities. Taiwan may be next.


Nothing_ t1_itzh7p9 wrote

Libertarian utopia.


christian4tal t1_ityof6g wrote

Yes always the US fault, 20 million Afghans have no influence on their own destiny. The vacuum of leadership has bred so many attempts at peaceful development in the country in all regions. So many great leaders have stepped up. The raging religious fanatics have kept themselves in check. Industry leaders have built numerous sustainable large-employment organisations, and conscientious civil servants have built well functioning governance in medical care and the juidicial system, and built solid and well-maintained infrastructure. Agriculture has developed so much beyond opium and was able to sustain the population.

Then the US and NATO came and destroyed it all.


Oak_Redstart t1_ityrx64 wrote

During the time the US was in Afghanistan the population doubled


B00STERGOLD t1_itz9to0 wrote

Another unintended consequence was giving women rights for 20 years.


rangeo t1_ityeowf wrote

There's a joke in here about Canada vying for attention and feeling insecure about being next door to the US.


hellsfire29 t1_iu0tlmo wrote

If you support Ukraine but not Afghanistan, you might not be a veteran.

Tried to protect Afghanistan from a terrorist network, but US civilians said fuck Afghanistan and left them at the mercy of the taliban. Now look at it.

Russia, whom civilians think Trump aligned with, invades Ukraine, US civilians support Ukraine even though it may cause ww3, but if it does, blame Trump anyways.

Good job, everyone.


DefaultRedditBlows t1_ityehxk wrote

America did its best to export our austerity to Afghanistan. Hell we tried so hard we still have millions of dollars of Afghan money we seized.


Lapachoochoo t1_ityemia wrote

This is 100% bullshit. Im from afghanistan and people feel way more safe going out at night under the taliban rule. Under the previous regime (which was run by corrupt criminals in all levels), no one dared to go out past 10pm unless it was necessary. Criminals were roaming the streets at night and you'd always here stories of people being kidnapped,raped or murdered. The taliban regime definitely has many flaws but security for the citizens definitely isn't one of them. Criminals fear the taliban because they can't bribe their way out if they are caught and if a murderer,rapist or kidnapper was found guilty then they are executed immediately. This article is just BS propaganda written by someone who doesn't know the reality of what's going on in my country.


rezurrected22 t1_ityft6t wrote

The Taliban controls the heroine trade. It’s okay for them to traffic the poppies to finance their agenda but if you get caught using we will hang you. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Lapachoochoo t1_itygcgf wrote

Being involved in the drug trade in any country is dangerous business. The taliban definitely still are involved in the heroin trade but they have given many poppy farmers a certain time frame to stop cultivation and transition to something more productive for society. You have to remember the only reason they were involved in the drug trade in the first place was to fund their insurgency. Also the drug lords in Afghanistan aren't "taliban" per se but rather powerful drug lords who side with the taliban because it benefits them.


rezurrected22 t1_itygm89 wrote

The Taliban have such a poor human-rights record. Amnesty International has their own category for the Taliban. Let’s not even discuss their atrocious behavior toward their women


trytorememberthistim t1_ityj0up wrote

How secure do women trying to receive an education feel in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, bud?


Pafkay t1_ityqe62 wrote

How to say you are a man without saying you are a man, I wonder if women feel the same?


EducatingYouForFree t1_ityg4wx wrote

It always is when it comes to these very broadly subjective lists like which country is "most free" or "least corrupted". They are always without an exception propaganda.

This one is quite obvious, the angle is clearly that they are trying to give the impression that the US being overcome and forced to leave its brutal 20 year long occupation was somehow bad for Afghanistan.

The US is a criminal state, currently illegally holding Afghan assets for several billions. There really is no limit to these imperialists greed.


IgorotNihil t1_itydlc6 wrote

Congratulations Biden


MavsGod t1_itydnr5 wrote

lol what? Trump is the one who initiated the withdrawal.


AlanParsonsProject11 t1_ityj8j2 wrote

Who negotiated the peace deal with the Taliban that left out the afghan government? Who released over 5000 taliban fighters in the waning months of his term?

Biden followed trumps plan, the only change he made was to delay the withdrawal by three months


progrethth t1_ityz2qo wrote

There was no other option really. This was fucked up by Bush and Obama, and arguably Trump too with his release of pirsoners. Biden was just the one who had the mess created by three previous presidents finally explode in his face.