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artcook32945 t1_iuju8fc wrote

At the present moment, yes. But, giving the Military advances that Ukraine has made, plus, the Human Rights Violations that Russia is racking up, one might think that Russia connections might not be beneficial, in the not too distant future. Turkey can use World Hunger as a ploy to disagree with Putin right now. A toe in the door. Then sit back and see which way the wind is blowing. I am thinking that the Crimea situation will decide this whole issue. Putin stole it and the world did nothing. Now, Ukraine is focused on getting it back. Russian officials, in Crimea, are sending their families back to Russia. What does that say?


bertiebasit t1_iujuvw8 wrote

Ukraine aren’t winning anything anytime soon.

It’s Turkiye by the way. It’s about time the west started respecting this countries name.


artcook32945 t1_iujvk1x wrote

Well, pardon me! Since the head line, to this post, had it spelled Turkey, it seems I am not alone in my Social Gaff. And, it seems you have now shown us your personal bias towards your Turkiye. Even my Spell Check is telling me that new spelling is not right.