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GodHatesPOGsv2 t1_it78zns wrote

More war crimes that they won’t be held responsible for. Awesome.


red286 t1_it9oqek wrote

There's no statute of limitations on war crimes. I wouldn't automatically assume they will never be held responsible for them. If Putin is deposed and removed from power, he and the members of their military might be held to account.


GodHatesPOGsv2 t1_it9rjh6 wrote

Yeah I’m not holding my breath for that.


red286 t1_it9tgpm wrote

I'm sure you would have held the same sentiment about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany back in 1943.


Lucky-Elk-1234 t1_it9yh4j wrote

Was pretty obvious the Allies would eventually overcome Nazi Germany and be in a position to arrest war criminals though. Today, there is no chance any of us are invading Russia and arresting them. It’s a totally different scenario.


GodHatesPOGsv2 t1_itabv8e wrote

Little different when the Nazis had concentration and death camps killing millions of people and committing genocide but you right, you right. Totes same thing. 🤣


APintOfFreshAir t1_ita0qi7 wrote

The real tragedy is that if it gets to that point, he will more than likely hold the nuclear option over everyone’s head.

At that point, don’t be surprised if he’s disappeared. The CIA and friends would more than likely prefer to whisk him away and offer him a lifetime of protection in exchange for him to give up.

Its definitely unjust, but the nuclear alternative is even worse. It could also come with the benefit of a denuclearized Russia. the west promises Russians money, and we take the nukes off their hands.


WildArticuno t1_it79wi5 wrote

Yep, the other world powers are pussies. Sad stuff.


poorandveryugly t1_it7mysm wrote

Most War Crimes in the world go without being punished. That's how things have been. You need permission of the country that committed war crimes to hold them accountable. Sounds stupid I know.


matt12a t1_it7uhc8 wrote

Oh ok you don’t mind being reduced ash


WildArticuno t1_ita4330 wrote

But it’s okay for Ukrainians to be reduced to ash? Do our lives have more value? So we just look the other way and Russia can do whatever it wants because we are afraid of nuclear war?


EastendDan t1_it7812d wrote

Report: Damage caused by Russian attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure reaches $127 billion.

Damaged and destroyed housing has the largest share of total losses – $50.5 billion, as Russia has destroyed roughly 135,800 civilian buildings in Ukraine, according to the KSE.


Xx420PAWGhunter69xX t1_itb77fv wrote

Wow. Can't believe Russia was forced to shoot at all these civilian buildings because the UA army was hiding in them, right Amnesty?


Mountain_Offer1348 t1_it7yg51 wrote

The bad news, of course, is that this will kill and maim innocent Ukrainian civilians and damage needed civilian infrastructure. The good news is, this is utterly counter-productive to the Russian war effort. Every missile and drone that is used in this unrelenting terror campaign is one more that can’t be used against Ukraine’s military. I’m as horrified as anyone at Russia’s lawless brutality, but I take heart at their sheer stupidity.


TheTelegraph OP t1_it76mg3 wrote

From the Telegraph's foreign team:

Missiles rained down on the cities of Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia on Friday as Russian forces stepped up their attacks, targeting electric power facilities.
Missiles hit an industrial facility in Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov, the city's mayor, said.
He added that rescuers had yet to assess the damage and determine if there were casualties.
Separately, Kharkiv regional governor Oleh Sinegubov said five people had been wounded.
The Kharkiv city council is installing concrete shelters at bus stops as the city prepares for renewed Russian shelling.

This article is free to read:


Hostillian t1_it8ntl4 wrote

Start rocketing Moscow, if you can..


endMinorityRule t1_it90v4u wrote

russian terrorists need to be stopped.

and putler needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.


Pudding_Hero t1_it9evie wrote

It’s such a shitty and petty thing to do. I think in many years from now that Russia, in whatever state it exists, will bare the weight of the political repercussions for generations stuck next to a super charged Ukraine that’s done with their political bullshit. Future Russian civilians bearing the costs and violence of their predecessors.

The next generation of Russia will have such a black Mark put on them and I can’t imagine any western governments will do “business as usual” with the Russian government unless it completely reforms itself significantly. I’m guessing that after the conflict US and Ukraine might have a stronger relationship than even the US and UK. If Russia fought by conventional military standards (from the west’s point of view) they could possibly mend their relationship over several decades but BS like the dam scare, nuclear plant, grave sites of liberated villages, etcetera might understandably mean generational trauma and resentment from Ukraine for many years. Not to even mention the already existing historical tension.

I’m just rambling but I can’t help but wonder what the long term cultural impacts could be. even though the entire geopolitical and environmental landscape of everything everywhere is in flux. How do you guys think it’s gonna play out?


rockylizard t1_it8mfxs wrote

Puck Futin.

Слава Україні!


RealBlondFakeDumb t1_ithkck6 wrote

The 'Grand Finale' at a fireworks show. And they are out of missiles.


GunNut345 t1_it7eek3 wrote

Don't worry Reddit has assured me the Russians are completely out of missiles, ammo and men so it shouldn't last long.


PutlerDaFastest t1_it9nkv1 wrote

Russia is losing badly. This has been the most humiliating invasion in modern history. That would be the least humiliating excuse for Russia's military performance at this point.