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Pudding_Hero t1_it9evie wrote

It’s such a shitty and petty thing to do. I think in many years from now that Russia, in whatever state it exists, will bare the weight of the political repercussions for generations stuck next to a super charged Ukraine that’s done with their political bullshit. Future Russian civilians bearing the costs and violence of their predecessors.

The next generation of Russia will have such a black Mark put on them and I can’t imagine any western governments will do “business as usual” with the Russian government unless it completely reforms itself significantly. I’m guessing that after the conflict US and Ukraine might have a stronger relationship than even the US and UK. If Russia fought by conventional military standards (from the west’s point of view) they could possibly mend their relationship over several decades but BS like the dam scare, nuclear plant, grave sites of liberated villages, etcetera might understandably mean generational trauma and resentment from Ukraine for many years. Not to even mention the already existing historical tension.

I’m just rambling but I can’t help but wonder what the long term cultural impacts could be. even though the entire geopolitical and environmental landscape of everything everywhere is in flux. How do you guys think it’s gonna play out?