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AndroChromie t1_iu8lbj7 wrote

I always knew that those Brexiteers were behind that explosion. It all makes sense now. The evidence is overwhelming. /s


Mindless-Beginning-2 t1_iu8lulv wrote

I mean if Russia says so then it’s probably correct. I mean when have they ever lied?


AndroChromie t1_iu8mfsv wrote

Right? We shouldn't use our critical thinking at all.


FarawayFairways t1_iua5n1c wrote

Well if it runs anything like the last time the Russians accused the British of something, I suppose we'll have the French believing them again and demanding that the British prove that they didn't!

I'm sure about 20% of the American population will believe them (and Tucker Carlson) especially when they discover that Britian doesn't import gas from Russia, and Liz Truss voted to re-introduce fracking at about the same time (something that's been reversed again since). And that's before they consider the bad blood with Brexit

yep ... there's plenty there for conspiracist to cite as proof I fear


autotldr t1_iu8naku wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 58%. (I'm a bot)

> War analysts have described a picture of Russian forces struggling to make any significant gains across Ukraine in recent days.

> The latest analysis from the US-based Institute for the Study of War said they are "Not making significant progress around Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast or anywhere else along the front lines in Ukraine".

> Mr Prigozhin, who reportedly confronted Vladimir Putin over Russia's stalling war effort, acknowledged the slow pace of the ground operations near Bakhmut last week.

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CapoOn2nd t1_iuav1wv wrote

As a Brit I have to own up. We collectively are sorry but we are addicted to complaining and we can’t risk gas prices falling because what would we complain about then? The only logical solution was to damage the pipeline so the price for gas raises even more and our cost of living increases so we can increase the amount we complain. As you can see our decision to destroy the Nord Stream pipeline was perfectly justified and understandable so I hope you can forgive us


killjoy_enigma t1_iua0idq wrote

Uk: hey we have a massive energy crisis and a large portion of our population might have to choose between food and heating this winter. I know let's blow up the pipeline that gives us the resources that we are short on, thats sure to fix it