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HeyHihoho t1_iucq134 wrote

China by far is building the most clean energy plants, The most efficent non fossil fuel devices and more of them.

They are also building more coal fired power generation,mining and buying more as well as gas and other fossil fuel use.


Leopold__Stotch t1_iuctwem wrote

I wonder how an economic downturn in china would impact their power generation policy. Do they dial back the fossil fuel power or renewable power development?


Morlaak t1_iucyhnw wrote

If the downturn is in China alone, they could shift even more to export to compensate. There is more demand than supply worldwide of solar panels.

Even then, considering China wants to become more energy independent after their conflicts with Australia, I'd be surprised if they shifted too much into coal again.


Splenda t1_iue5luo wrote

China is in an economic downturn, and it has turned the country back towards coal power to some degree.