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elgringo t1_iucqlzh wrote

I could be wrong, but I think that the Russia war has given Western countries a bit of religion on getting off of fossil fuels.

The EU and California have just banned the sale of internal combustion engine cars after 2035. Dramatic clean energy incentives passed this last year.

It still sucks we're not doing more, but I feel better about progress on climate change this year than I have for years.


Clueless_Questioneer t1_iudgqmp wrote

It has caused European countries to invest more in fossil fuel infrastructure projects, specifically in Africa, after they had pledged not to do so in COP26


DSCH4lyfe t1_iud3nvq wrote

I agree!

It’s nowhere near enough, but it’s a good start.


One_Astronaut_483 t1_iud58mu wrote

Yeah, we need better ships and airplanes too for that, not mentioning the industries.