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Ed_Derick_ t1_iuewqsx wrote

If there is a cycle to climate we are clearly altering it. What would usually take thousands of years to change is changing in a matter of decades. This is too fast for life to adapt. Every time there’s a mass extinction , such as super volcanoes, meteors, climate changes drastically and quickly.

We are on our way to the 6th mass extinction.


N0VUS33 t1_iuf67xy wrote

I like your optimistic outlook and I would agree there is an acceleration effect derived from human action but even if you got the entire western hemisphere onboard with "going green" it still doesn't counter the effects from any pollution from eastern countries.

Fear can also serve a purpose, good and bad. I have diminished optimism for society as it stands but I think venturing to electrically derived means vs oil/coal can also lead to questionable post derived actions. Trillions at stake in that market, do the Saudi's simply stop production? What about other families, companies invested in its production. We can rubber stamp a switch date but before that the industry will bite back, even at the cost of life.

Nature does what nature does.

Food for thought.