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Sojurn83 t1_iuczxtx wrote

Fragile is a weird way to spell pipe dream.


FirstAccGotStolen t1_iud8nur wrote



Sojurn83 t1_iudh05p wrote

Not as good as yours, but I prefer Hope27.


zenzukai t1_iudrtlm wrote

I'm way ahead of you guys, already on Dope27


DontBendAndBreak t1_iuflo3c wrote

I'm quite pessimistic about it so I'm gonna go with Nope27


Caccitunez t1_iugs6et wrote

Don’t care just gonna get high, Snoop27 checking in to the roster


bytemage t1_iucny1i wrote

Doing the least we can do didn't help? What a shocker.


diviledabit t1_iucp10k wrote

We ever so mildly inconvenienced ourselves...what more can we do?


Aus_pol t1_iucy8cm wrote

We changed the word from warming to heating!


elgringo t1_iucqlzh wrote

I could be wrong, but I think that the Russia war has given Western countries a bit of religion on getting off of fossil fuels.

The EU and California have just banned the sale of internal combustion engine cars after 2035. Dramatic clean energy incentives passed this last year.

It still sucks we're not doing more, but I feel better about progress on climate change this year than I have for years.


Clueless_Questioneer t1_iudgqmp wrote

It has caused European countries to invest more in fossil fuel infrastructure projects, specifically in Africa, after they had pledged not to do so in COP26


DSCH4lyfe t1_iud3nvq wrote

I agree!

It’s nowhere near enough, but it’s a good start.


One_Astronaut_483 t1_iud58mu wrote

Yeah, we need better ships and airplanes too for that, not mentioning the industries.


rendrr t1_iud49cw wrote

It's more like Copium27 at this point. You should bother your representatives with questions more. Soup Van Gogh if it helps.


HeyHihoho t1_iucq134 wrote

China by far is building the most clean energy plants, The most efficent non fossil fuel devices and more of them.

They are also building more coal fired power generation,mining and buying more as well as gas and other fossil fuel use.


Leopold__Stotch t1_iuctwem wrote

I wonder how an economic downturn in china would impact their power generation policy. Do they dial back the fossil fuel power or renewable power development?


Morlaak t1_iucyhnw wrote

If the downturn is in China alone, they could shift even more to export to compensate. There is more demand than supply worldwide of solar panels.

Even then, considering China wants to become more energy independent after their conflicts with Australia, I'd be surprised if they shifted too much into coal again.


Splenda t1_iue5luo wrote

China is in an economic downturn, and it has turned the country back towards coal power to some degree.


autotldr t1_iucoeib wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 89%. (I'm a bot)

> The goal of limiting global heating to 1.5C is "More fragile" than ever, as world leaders prepare to meet for crucial climate talks, the president-designate of the negotiations has warned.

> Sameh Shoukry, the foreign minister of Egypt, who will chair the UN Cop27 climate summit next month, said in a rare interview that forging agreement would be harder than at any other recent climate talks, owing to the "Turbulent" global economy and "Difficult" geopolitical tensions, stoked by the Ukraine war.

> "Developing countries are monitoring the situation and seeing to what extent they must continue to undertake the burdens they have said they would, if they see that there are others who have greater capacity, greater facilities, [and] are not doing so. Those who have contributed more to the problem should be more willing to contribute to its resolution."

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: climate^#1 countries^#2 Cop27^#3 Shoukry^#4 commitment^#5


AltNationReality t1_iud532y wrote

As someone once said... "That would be great !!...... 30 years ago. Now, it's too late." The plain and simple truth is that industry was not interested in the welfare of this world... they were only interested in becoming super-rich wealth hoarders. They succeeded in becoming super-rich.... and now the planet will soon be an extinction event.


Splenda t1_iue6qez wrote

We are already in an extinction event, with 70% of wildlife along with many plant and insect species already gone.

However, we are far from committed to making ourselves extinct. There is still time to save a habitable planet for our kids, but only if we get a move on.


Angeleno88 t1_iuduz9v wrote

People really need to stop talking about this delusional 1.5 degree target. Even if we cut all emissions today, there is a lag which keeps heating from those human-caused emissions. This ignores various natural effects as well. We will see 1.5 degrees within 20 years, perhaps years sooner, as we are seeing 0.18 degrees warming per decade since 1980 and it is likely that rate of increase will go even higher leading to more “faster than expected” phrasing as time goes on.

With that said, even 2 degrees is highly doubtful at this point even though it is still 3-4 decades away depending on actions taken going forward which are frighteningly absent right now. It isn’t a matter of preventing 2 degrees. That is going to happen. What we need to do is ensure we slow down the rate of increase as best we can because we can’t afford to see us hit 3 degrees by century’s end before we come up with and enact global solutions for sustainability. Humanity’s survival depends on that.


Aggravating-Aioli-16 t1_iud71aq wrote

These fucking idiots have been making hollow promises ever since the start


wwarnout t1_iudc4hj wrote

Nah - it passed "fragile" long ago. "Impossible" is much more accurate.


Savvaloy t1_iudf6z2 wrote

They're still pretending it's possible?


Bronco-Merkur t1_iudi474 wrote

Haven't we already entered a 4.0 C+ scenario?


Splenda t1_iue628a wrote

No. Current pledges and forecasts have us on a 2-3C by 2100 trajectory.

However, the range of possibilities above 2C is very wide, and the ensemble models ignore a number of potential feedbacks that could change outcomes.


Angeleno88 t1_iudsy5o wrote

Not guaranteed but it is realistic that various feedback loops and tipping points have already been reached that will lead to 4 degrees within a couple hundred years. That level of warming would destroy global human civilization as we know it. Even 3 degrees would likely have that result. We will hit 2 degrees between 2-4 decades depending on what actions we take going forward. This century will determine if we make it as a species.


Seriksy t1_iudtezi wrote

We won't even stay below the 2 degree mark. Time to start facing reality


dwitman t1_iud5n1z wrote

We are finished. Have fun while you can.


Guaranteed-Return t1_iud4c6j wrote

What a joke, the first time they tried to limit the temperature rise, it failed in a few months, then they had to raise it again to $ave face.


N0VUS33 t1_iud7qv1 wrote

The temperature will increase and fall regardless of what we do.


Ed_Derick_ t1_iudeb6o wrote

Climate change isn’t that simple. It’s not “just the seasons” , it’s not just a “natural cycle which mankind has no power over”


N0VUS33 t1_iuewasg wrote

But it is a cycle. Repetition equates a pattern aka cycle.


Ed_Derick_ t1_iuewqsx wrote

If there is a cycle to climate we are clearly altering it. What would usually take thousands of years to change is changing in a matter of decades. This is too fast for life to adapt. Every time there’s a mass extinction , such as super volcanoes, meteors, climate changes drastically and quickly.

We are on our way to the 6th mass extinction.


N0VUS33 t1_iuf67xy wrote

I like your optimistic outlook and I would agree there is an acceleration effect derived from human action but even if you got the entire western hemisphere onboard with "going green" it still doesn't counter the effects from any pollution from eastern countries.

Fear can also serve a purpose, good and bad. I have diminished optimism for society as it stands but I think venturing to electrically derived means vs oil/coal can also lead to questionable post derived actions. Trillions at stake in that market, do the Saudi's simply stop production? What about other families, companies invested in its production. We can rubber stamp a switch date but before that the industry will bite back, even at the cost of life.

Nature does what nature does.

Food for thought.