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cannonman58102 t1_iu3paas wrote

Agreed. China is incredibly practical and self-serving. They have plenty of common sense. It's morals the CCP lacks.


Sinaaaa t1_iu5780m wrote

> They have plenty of common sense.

Zero Covid in '22..


The_Evanator2 t1_iu5jiw0 wrote

In theory it makes sense. If you limit movements altogether the disease can't spread but every action as a reaction. Zero covid hampers economic activity, people's freedoms, etc. They just keep doubling down on it. These all have consequences. So not a lot commen sense.


zenzukai t1_iu853j2 wrote

Self-serving sure, practical? Not really. They've poisoned most of the fresh water in China to be unusable. They've built ghost cities all over China rotting and falling down without ever being used or finished in most cases. They are destroying their economy by continually locking down major economic centers repeatedly for covid.

I would say they are ruthless, rather than practical