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going_supernova00 t1_iu8v3ub wrote

So much hate in the comments, it's a lot when compared to many countries which don't even make regular compulsory contribution to the UN.


SomeGuyNamedPaul t1_iu89all wrote

That's like leaving a 5¢ tip at a restaurant. You're effectively saying you remembered to leave a tip, but you've purposely made it a very bad one to send a message whereas leaving it off leaves some room for doubt.


DynoMiteDoodle t1_iu8l51l wrote

It's progress for India. It's not a huge amount of money sure, but it's a massive gesture forwards.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind moment.


choomba20 t1_iuc7kwk wrote

The condescension in this comment is mind numbing


Hammer_of_Light t1_iu9dn8w wrote

A poor person giving you $100 is a greater gift than a rich person giving you a million.


_Suk_Mike_Hok_ t1_iuh3jab wrote

Said no one.


Hammer_of_Light t1_iuhf0o0 wrote

21 As Jesus looked up, he saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. 2 He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. 3 “Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. 4 All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

Luke 21:1-4

I'm no Bible-thumper, but it's been said


_Suk_Mike_Hok_ t1_iuhftho wrote

Religion is a human mental mechanism to cope with hardships. In other words, god does not exist.


Hammer_of_Light t1_iuhjcdm wrote

Yeah, just spin up some pseudophilosophical horseshit about the existence of god. That'll make you right.

You said nobody had said it before, I proved they did, quit your bullshit.


_Suk_Mike_Hok_ t1_iuhk9cs wrote

Said the one stating complete horseshit that was made up centuries ago.


H0lyW4ter t1_iu9msqn wrote

It's more like a slap in the face of the UN.

"Look what you are worth"


supppbrahhh OP t1_iu86bzq wrote

NEW DELHI (AP) — India will contribute half a million dollars to the United Nations’ efforts to counter global terrorism as new and emerging technologies used by terror groups pose fresh threats to governments around the world, the foreign minister said on Saturday.

The money will go toward the UN Trust Fund for Counter Terrorism and will further strengthen the organization’s fight against terrorism, S Jaishankar said as he addressed a special meeting of the UN Counter Terrorism Committee in New Delhi.

This is the first time such a conference, focused on challenging threats posed by terror groups in the face of new technologies, is being held outside of the UN’s headquarters in New York.

Jaishankar said new technologies, like encrypted messaging services and blockchain, are increasingly being misused by terror groups and malicious actors, sparking an urgent need for the international community to adopt measures to combat the threats.

“Internet and social media platforms have turned into potent instruments in the toolkit of terrorist and militant groups for spreading propaganda, radicalization and conspiracy theories aimed at destabilizing societies,” he said in his keynote address.

Jaishankar also highlighted the growing threat from the use of unmanned aerial systems such as drones by terror groups and criminal organizations, calling them a challenge for security agencies worldwide.

“In Africa, drones have been used by the terrorist groups to monitor movements of security forces and even of UN peacekeepers, making them vulnerable to terrorist attacks,” he added.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly reiterated the dangers of unmanned aerial platforms, saying that such systems were being used by to inflict terror, death and destruction.

“Drones are being used currently to target critical national infrastructure and civilian targets in Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine,” he said. “This is why we have sanctioned three Iranian military commanders and one Iranian company involved in the supply of drones.”

The special conference kicked off on Friday in Mumbai, India’s financial and entertainment capital, which witnessed a massive terror attack in 2008 that left 140 Indian nationals and 26 citizens of 23 other countries dead by terrorists who had entered India from Pakistan.

Jaishankar on Friday said India regretted the UN Security Council’s inability to act in some cases when it came to proscribing terrorists because of political considerations, undermining its collective credibility and interests. He did not name China but referred to its decision to block UN sanctions against leaders of Jaish-e-Mohammad, a Pakistan-based extremist group designated as a terrorist organization by the UN.

India and the United States sought the sanctions earlier this year. China put the proposed listing of the two terrorists for sanctions on hold on technical grounds saying it needed more time to study their cases.”


KimCureAll t1_iu8c4lx wrote

Isn't contributing to the UN like flushing money down the toilet? Even former UN employees have openly talked about the huge amount of wasteful spending at the UN as well as the mismanagement of funds. I really do hope those funds go towards curtailing terrorism - it's a noble use of money, and glad to see India doing this.


Leading_Protection_7 t1_iucyt5j wrote

This amount is too generous considering all the money given to UN only goes into funding the luxurious lifestyles of UN "employees" lol...


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closetbimbosissy t1_iu8f7rb wrote

Actually doesn’t matter. India isn’t a high income country. We don’t need to contribute monetarily at all. India already sends one of the largest no. of troops for UN peacekeeping so there is just additional service.


based_opinions_only t1_iu8qf56 wrote

I don't know man, 4.11 crore is nothing when we are talking about things of that magnitude. I do not know what the subtle message is here.


closetbimbosissy t1_iu8qzbr wrote

There is no subtle message. It’s just a formality for them to say “hey we have done our monetary contribution. Now get lost”


world_citizen_oh t1_iu8zmy1 wrote



based_opinions_only t1_iu959ki wrote


(4,11,00,000) 4 crore and 11 Lakhs


(41,100,000) 41 million and 100 thousand Rupees


Opposite-Republic-55 t1_iubxde5 wrote

Counter how? Your picking the Russians for help.


CRimson9943 t1_iucidy3 wrote

The terrorist we want to see disappear are not Russians, 'how' u should ask UN


1seeker4it t1_iubvc2z wrote

Wish they would keep the money and get their people out of poverty 🤷‍♂️


FlightAble2654 t1_iuc76rd wrote

Of course the USA donated it to India first but who is counting....


CRimson9943 t1_iucioqr wrote

First pay off USA debt to china


FlightAble2654 t1_iucj193 wrote

Take off our tab what China is illegally selling to Russia. We keep Taiwan because we like Taiwanese. 😉.....chips.


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iHominidae t1_iu8f3n7 wrote

With one cup of coffee you can change the life of a sad person by making them think they’re helping impoverished people by donating their spare change while supporting a system that keeps the majority of the world under a boot.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iubyyny wrote

and how many millions have they paid to the Russian terrorists seriously fuck India this is a bribe so they don't get sanctioned for giving money to Russia


Zekrom16 t1_iuc1yoq wrote

Us and India are literally gonna perform more war games near China. India doens't need to bribe anyone when they are close to the Us. Also India isn't giving money for nothing it's purchasing oil which has increased in price globally and hard to find ethical suppliers.


SPRITZBOI t1_iu8t7qg wrote

India donating a bungalow in Cleveland, OH to counter terrorism.


iHominidae t1_iu8ew0y wrote

Lol. Mission Accomplished! Lol 500 000. Just say you don’t care. It’s like chipping in a couple quarters for help with the pizza order for the party.


broccolindian t1_iua6d7u wrote

That $ 500,000 surely will bring you out of your sorryass Walmart aisle cleaner job isn't it


iHominidae t1_iucuscr wrote

You’re projecting, rofl! Don’t you have kids who you constantly let down and who’s lives you’ll irreversible damage with your nonsense that you have to get back to, lol


broccolindian t1_iudoo81 wrote

>Don’t you have kids who you constantly let down and who’s lives

With my own house in the priciest cities of US and two rental properties? Barely let down


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CRimson9943 t1_iu891xx wrote

They literally have put the dollar symbol in front of the amount💀


superkazuto t1_iu893fu wrote

I wasn't expecting anyone to not recognise the $ symbol mentioned in the headlines. I guess not everyone knows that it's a dollar symbol.


Science_Fair t1_iu8bzlc wrote

Talk about not doing the needful…

But keep buying billions in oil from a country openly executing terrorist attacks on Ukrainian civilians.


Fun_Border3913 t1_iu8czwt wrote

You keep buying products from a country that has been killing thousands of uyghur Muslims


Science_Fair t1_iu8dni1 wrote

Yeah but at least China isn’t stupid enough to then donate $500000 to protect Muslim rights.


TomorrowWaste t1_iu8sw62 wrote

Atleast we ain't giving F-16s to Russia like the west is giving to the country that literally sheltered Osama.


proud_NJITstudent t1_iuc93al wrote

The EU buys gas from Azerbaijan while they are attacking Armenia along their borders.


kazmerb t1_iu88apf wrote

Awww, they think they’re a superpower!


Catch_10101 t1_iuapee8 wrote

We dont need to shove a gun up people's asses and invade 5 countries to show our power. 4 wars were enough and we did that when half of America could not locate aisa on the world map