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Key-Combination-8111 t1_iuja8cj wrote

Wow. I said this was intentional on another post and got DRUG in the comments. Turns out I was right. Still tragic...


DukeOfGeek OP t1_iujd6dr wrote

Reading the article it seems people were arrested because of shady business practices of one kind or another, not terrorist sabotage. Still in the early stages though.


Key-Combination-8111 t1_iuje82e wrote

The people on the bridge shaking the hell out of it definitely had something to do with it. I'll die on that hill lmao.


geckins t1_iujjdv7 wrote

A basic part of any design is “what happens when the stupidest person possible uses this thing?” Guarding against this sort of thing is on the architects and engineers involved with this project, the morons were inevitable.


Key-Combination-8111 t1_iujjjvg wrote

If this wasnt India. I'd agree with you. They aren't known for having extraordinary building safety practices


RockyDify t1_iujiy8a wrote

It doesn’t read as if they think it’s an intentional act.


Key-Combination-8111 t1_iujj8h4 wrote

I understand that. I'm sure the didn't intend to collapse it on purpose. But their actions caused the collapse.


guy314159 t1_iujzobu wrote

Yes but in the form of failed design and repair (as in bad engineers and architects)


RockyDify t1_iujjh72 wrote

Oh yeah for sure. Such a rapid arrest means they either know they can make charges stick or they were worried about them skipping out.