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Key-Combination-8111 t1_iuja8cj wrote

Wow. I said this was intentional on another post and got DRUG in the comments. Turns out I was right. Still tragic...


Recipe_Critical t1_iujb9qz wrote

I bet If that happened in the USA they wouldn’t be arresting the business construction people responsible


geckins t1_iujjdv7 wrote

A basic part of any design is “what happens when the stupidest person possible uses this thing?” Guarding against this sort of thing is on the architects and engineers involved with this project, the morons were inevitable.


3threads2vars t1_iujy37f wrote

Article mentions a video of the incident. Anyone have a link to that?


JKKIDD231 t1_iujynwl wrote

They arrested the low level but not the politician who called the local district collector (government officer) and told him to authorize it without delay. The big guys got paid their money