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Magic-Chickens t1_iub9ywe wrote

It's called a bribe


Paulupoliveira t1_iubddtm wrote

Nah, lobby... Totally legit. If they were russians, chinese, or other bad guy in general, then you would be correct...


price-discovery t1_iubahpu wrote

>Qatar has spent more money on gifts and trips for British MPs in the past year than any other country, according to Observer analysis that reveals the Gulf state’s lobbying efforts ahead of next month’s football World Cup.

>The value of Qatar’s gifts was greater than the amount spent by the 15 other countries whose governments made donations to British MPs combined.

Why the hell are they spending so much money on UK politicians? Is this a marketing/branding plan of some sort? It looks like a huge waste of money to me.


UniquesNotUseful t1_iubjml5 wrote

Qatar and UK have had closer ties since 2008, particularly with finance, energy and defence.

One reason is that with the withdrawal from the Middle East by the US, as they more inward looking, it means Qatar wants other friends and UK has decent soft power.

Reasons UK likes it are things like, in November 2021 they became our supplier of last resort, so they divert LNG tankers to us if gas is running short, like last year, so we get priority over others. There was a deal to create 40,000 green jobs with rolls Royce at COP26, £50bn of investments, joint oil searches, etc.

I dislike getting into bed with them, I don’t think we will make changes we think we will.


FarawayFairways t1_iubhtx7 wrote

> Why the hell are they spending so much money on UK politicians?

Probably because all those who hold positions of influence only last about 3 weeks so the cycle has to start again


gmpangarkar t1_iuc7exi wrote

London's financial sector runs on the money from Russians and Shaikh's..


Mob1lis_in_mobil1 t1_iuem85e wrote

There’s a reason the UK is home to money laundering for the world’s elites.

The UK government might as well be openly corrupt at this point.


DonDove t1_iubdx5c wrote

They are sooo gonna hand this WC to the Brits

That's what I would say if Boris was still PM

Not so sure now


Icantusemylettersher t1_iuckcnx wrote

Mp in norway are banned from taking any gifts from the job.

Im just wondering why any country allows them to. You trust your politicians guys?


something_python t1_iuf5a81 wrote

>Im just wondering why any country allows them to.

The people who make these rules are the people taking bribes. They won't change the rules if the current rules (or lack thereof) benefit them.

Same reason we don't have Proportional Representation.


Hizjyayvu t1_iubceiu wrote

So Mps come to discuss worker reform and humanitarian concerns and get bribed is what you're saying. Makes sense. I'd be more surprised if it didn't happen.


my20cworth t1_iublxlh wrote

It's the Middle Eastern way. Insane gifts and bribery and drowning out any doubters or detractors with hard cold cash.


Gman1111110 t1_iuekmav wrote

And that doesn’t go on with the tories and their London chums?


my20cworth t1_iufhbjv wrote

Of course but a least there is open political opposition, free media, policy and checks and balances to challenge any corruption. The Middle East and in particular the Gulf states its institutionalised and comes directly from the ruling class.


Gman1111110 t1_iugug62 wrote

Where’s the checks on recent tory corruption? Reece Moggs investments/insider trading, The Track and trace scam? PPE scam? Pollution of water ways


my20cworth t1_iugy38s wrote

The fact that it's out there and we know about it means someone's onto it. The media are onto it and it will be exposed.


New-Cardiologist3006 t1_iubgand wrote

Who is buying 10% of credit suesse again?

Ah yes. Money is the unifying force of evil.


autotldr t1_iubamtx wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 91%. (I'm a bot)

> Qatar has spent more money on gifts and trips for British MPs in the past year than any other country, according to Observer analysis that reveals the Gulf state's lobbying efforts ahead of next month's football World Cup.

> The gifts for the past 12 months also far outstripped those from Qatar in any other year for which records are available, revealing how authorities ramped up efforts to charm British MPs ahead of the World Cup.

> During two trips, in October 2021 and February 2022, British MPs travelled to Qatar to discuss issues including "Preparations for the World Cup, workers' rights reform and bilateral relations", as well as Qatar's "Humanitarian and political response to the Afghanistan crisis", transparency logs show.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Qatar^#1 MP^#2 trip^#3 government^#4 World^#5


PopeHonkersVII t1_iudbbmb wrote

I wonder if there is a gift that someone could give me that would make me abandon all of my morals. What would that object be that would make me say "Oh my god, I finally got a _______! Human rights? What are those? Time to turn a blind eye to mass suffering"?


Gman1111110 t1_iuee513 wrote

Haha, Qatar join uk businesses, the uae and many more in lobbying the squeaky clean London MPs. #News


-Jallen- t1_iuf3knm wrote

What a waste, instead they should be giving $ 3 million in plastic bags to the future (now current) King of England, you know, for charity. Much better use of money.