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mister2d t1_iu8fwpl wrote

Not one person read the article I see. 😄


seven_free t1_iu8hwu5 wrote

For those that don't read articles, the navy found a boat with 500kg of coke, unloaded the 400kg of coke and sank the boat. Later they booked that 300kg of coke in as evidence....

non of it is in the ocean.


notoyrobots t1_iu8k620 wrote

That 200kg of coke is a huge seizure!


Rugsby84 t1_iu8otii wrote

I have no idea where they’re going to store 100kg of cocaine safely.


notoyrobots t1_iu8p73c wrote

No idea, thankfully 50kg of cocaine doesn't take up as much space as you'd think!


Kirorus1 t1_iu8zb9u wrote

In fact I can carry 50g easily in my pocket


dvvvvvvvvvvd t1_iu9434t wrote

I think I’d have a huge seizure fairly soon after finding that


ithinkivebeen t1_iu9fj41 wrote

Well that info took the wind out of my sails....I was going to say, if they sank it with the cargo, no need for a stupid photo op for the confiscated coke.

Drug bust and the propaganda following are a total joke. "lOoK aT mY tAbLE"


Flooble_Crank t1_iuaqvr4 wrote

No respect for the poor Columbians who were worked to the bone to produce that coke…none at all!

Or for the hardworking, heartbroken Americans who will now have to wait 30 more minutes for coke from the guy across town.

Just a sad, sad situation all around 😢


c4l1k0 t1_iu8ex06 wrote

Sharks on cocaine. What could go wrong?


Krazy2020 t1_iua5npx wrote

Wasn't there a bear that found cocaine? Actual news not the meme lol


FalcorAirlines t1_iuabbe9 wrote

In related news, a pod of dolphins in the Caribbean has come up with an amazing business idea that they need to talk to you about right now.


ithinkimanalrightguy t1_iu9c2qu wrote

What a waste of resources. The war on drugs is over, drugs won.


Papadapalopolous t1_iuayevt wrote

Yeah? How many boats have drugs sunk?

Aside from mine, that incident didn’t count.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_iuc86js wrote

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HellDD6 t1_iuatdm5 wrote



shindokabuki t1_iu8hluq wrote

Sir, we have recovered 400 kilos of Cocaine. Yes, that's what I said we have recovered 300 kilos of Cocaine. Once again we found an ounce of blow on some guys ship. Carrying on!


Pafkay t1_iu8m9ag wrote

We have to pay for Brexit somehow and that 50kg of cocaine was just sitting there


tomassino t1_iubg8x9 wrote

So, instead of disposing the ship properly in a port or scrapyard facility, they decide to burn it until it sinks to the bottom.


Aromatic_Armpits t1_iubsd79 wrote

Nice new reef/underwater habitat for the fishies


aaarya83 t1_iudmxri wrote

Exactly. All the oil etc. they should have taken it to a shipyard to be demolished or just auction it


Dense-Gift4782 t1_iu9onik wrote

Happy fishes in that part of the ocean


Bmor00bam t1_iudch2o wrote

Donald Trump Jr. is going to be pissed off. Inflation for the rich must be a real bitch.


southbarf t1_iug1s9h wrote

that is a whole lot of Charlie down there getting the fish high.


VikKarabin t1_iu9e6wc wrote

Wait what do British do there?


Peterd1900 t1_iu9fnjj wrote

What do the British do in Caribbean?

The thing about ships is that you can sail them anywhere that has water

This ship is based in the Caribbean. There is British territory in the region


Mistaycs t1_iu9w9lh wrote

Apparently they just go around, ruining everyone else's evening plans.


Brittlehorn t1_iu8gh67 wrote

Sunak will send a submarine and divers to retrieve the cargo for...evidence!?


3dio t1_iu8f1it wrote

a bit of an overkill innit


price-discovery t1_iu8dyfx wrote

Very sad news.


KimCureAll t1_iu8e3w9 wrote

The fish will enjoy, dolphins will not need pufferfish for a while.